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This game is a work in progress, we will be adding elements, items, features as we go.Feel free to chime in with feedback and ideas!Be part of the public alpha testing early accesss!Snapdeal, which bought CouponDunia for over $1 billion in 2014, can be seen as India’s answer to Groupon. But unlike Groupon, it has never said how many deals it passes on to merchants and what its cost-per-deal is.

I decided to find out. And my efforts didn’t go well. While I was able to get my hands on the full emailed transaction logs used by Snapdeal and CouponDunia over the last three years, the data was so gigantic, I could only view a few months worth. And among the things I found were lots of deal codes that led to deals going entirely unfulfilled.

This is how I was able to calculate the value Snapdeal (and Groupon) passes on to merchants by the number of deals, and how much it spends on each.


Snapdeal’s transaction logs are so large that I was unable to look at the complete logs over the last three years.

What I have is the data for the month of April and from three years ago. It is limited to orders for 12.3 million products. For each product, I looked at the value passed on to the merchant (the value of the product multiplied by the percentage discount offered) and the cost per deal.

How does the cost-per-deal break down? I looked at the total cost passed on by Snapdeal by merchant from 12:30 am on the date of the transaction to the time the transaction was completed.

The average cost per deal in April, after adjusting for quantity, was Rs 118. The total value passed on by Snapdeal to merchant (with a margin of 30%) was Rs 2,759.57 crore in April, after adjusting for quantity.

So if you were a Snapdeal merchant in 2012, you got about Rs 1 lakh every month (just before the company’s IPO in November last year) for a product at Rs 119.

For example, a Snapdeal merchant got Rs 220.77 after the discount (for getting six items) plus Rs 27.70 after the discount for buying 12. This means that the average Snapdeal merchant earns Rs 49.77 a month on average for every Rs 1,000 in sales.



Rating4.98 / 5 ( 4395 votes )
Update(7 days ago)


VRMakingSense Features Key:

  • Epic battles between the mighty DYNASTY WARRIORS.
  • Play as your favorite DYNASTY WARRIORS: Groo, Buster, and Zangief.
  • Upgrade your favorite characters and take on the enemy DYNASTY.
  • Defeat opponents from every part of the globe. Japan, China, Africa, North and South America.
  • New balance and gesture control systems.
  • DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Empires — School Gymnasium run™-chart

    Game length

    Game length

    Play time


    VRMakingSense Activator (Final 2022)

    Who we are:
    Mandy Reagon is a software engineer and former geo-technical engineering manager that began making VR games as a hobby back in 2014. Over the last few years he has developed skills in all aspects of game creation and has had the opportunity to create and release game prototypes in VR and AR. In 2016 he started “VR Making Sense”, a small start-up focused on providing engaging and useful VR content for audiences with minimal training.He is currently providing training and consulting to game studios and VR content companies.
    What we do:
    Since 2016, Mandy’s company «VR Making Sense» has designed and built 5+ VR applications, 8+ game prototypes, delivered training and consulted game developers.
    We also have the «VR Tour» app where we provide classes, tutorials, and training to a wide variety of target audiences.
    Our clients include:
    — VR content companies
    — VR game developers
    — Other game developers and trainers
    — School districts and other youth groups
    — Other training teams
    — Local game development housesQ:

    Use of «so» meaning «just» as an adverb

    From here:

    I don’t feel so alone anymore.

    What is this construction, and how could it be translated into English?


    I don’t feel like I’m alone.
    I don’t feel so alone.
    That’s how I translate the last example.
    First, I’ll explain the use of so in that sentence. It’s a complementizer. Its primary meaning is «for the purpose of,» «in order to,» «as if,» etc.
    So is a subordinate conjunctive clause that begins with so when it is the only subordinate clause in the sentence, and it seems to follow the rules of sentence-level conjunctions.
    I don’t feel that I’m alone, so I have not been alone since…

    As for the translation, I would translate it as follows. The first part, I don’t feel [that…] feels like I’m alone anymore translates to I don’t feel that being alone now feels like I’m alone anymore.
    To say that you don’t feel like you are alone now, you have to look at the whole of the sentence. So you’re saying that the «I don’t feel» part of the sentence is in the context of the full sentence. That «I don’t feel» part is




    Support The MakingSense.io App

    Share with your friends and family.I made this and would appreciate your support!Histopathological and histomorphometrical evaluation of the healing of periapical periodontitis.
    The aim of this study was to evaluate the histological and histomorphometrical changes of healing of periapical periodontitis. Paraffin-embedded 5-μm sections were prepared from 13 periapical lesions (PDL) treated with resorbable membrane and 10 lesions treated with cyanoacrylate glue (CA) alone. H&E and Masson’s trichrome staining, Mallory’s stain and tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP) staining was performed. Histomorphometrical and histomorphological changes of PDL were observed with an image analyzer. Histomorphometrical analysis showed a significant difference between experimental groups in inflammatory cell infiltration (p Some electronic devices operate by using supplied direct current (DC) power to generate a DC output voltage. However, if the DC power supply is interrupted or is of insufficient capacity, it may not be possible to generate the desired output DC voltage level for operating the electronic device. If the DC power supply is not supplying sufficient power, the electronic device may not function properly, or at least not optimally. In some situations, power may be supplied from an alternating current (AC) power source. However, using AC power for the DC power supply may be complicated because there may be a large difference between the voltage and current supplied by the AC power source. Thus, if power is supplied from an AC power source to generate a DC output voltage, it may be difficult to generate a desired DC output voltage level.The nature of the antiferromagnetic order in a quasi one


    What’s new in VRMakingSense:

    8 Weeks before Warlords – 16 applications completed before work starts

    I’ve received an overwhelming number of applications for the RVRMakingSense virtual reality scholarship this year! That’s not only a thrill, but something of a relief. The amount of applicants that actually commit to a study on the violin ranges between 10-50. I have the fortune to have applicants so bold that I don’t even need to keep reaching out to them (both to my potential colleges and the prospective high school students). I’ve enrolled three applicants that I initially considered too young, my favorite one who I submitted a new transcript and new application to is older, and at least two who live over 3000 miles away are replying to me in the mail (and actually want to let me know that they’ve submitted). I’ve very happy to have applicants with a diverse set of musical experience and skill sets – some people play violin, or potentially some instrument that might be part of a group. One girl plays piano, bass, viola, and sings. One student plays the banjo and teaches herself sheet music. Many are talented in their study of jazz and classical music as well.

    I also have at least two students who are coming to colleges late in high school, who I will be supplying the violin. I’m flabbergasted to find that many high school students have taken lessons and have a good sense of practicing expectations. You don’t know how often I give out that violin to people as a “lesson.” Sure, some may just practice from the get go. But you should know that this scholarship isn’t solely about being able to read sheet music – which I have no issue providing. I have students that are practicing around 200 times a week. Another has the insane amount of 375. I’m no where close to that number though. You provide an instrument, give them the opportunity, and they’ll make it as hard as they need to to make progress. For everyone that gives it their all, there are students that have the same amount of energy and enthusiasm, but aren’t giving it their all. You have to be able to balance both.

    I’m making some additions this year to my questions. If you are applying for this year specifically, you should have no problem answering them. Otherwise, you can answer them next time in my next posting.

    I don’t


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    How To Install and Crack VRMakingSense:

    • Download & install “AMAZON” from Google Play
    • Install “Navigator v. 2.3.2” from GitHub
    • Download & install “NavigatorJS” from GitHub
    • Download “NavigatorMapper.jar” from GitHub



    System Requirements For VRMakingSense:

    Comparison of the power dissipation characteristics of the baseline (black) and optimized (red) networks with various number of IPs.
    *M* = 10, *W* = 2


    Rating4.98 / 5 ( 4395 votes )
    Update(7 days ago)


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