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Working in a large company means having to deal with a large number of employees, all of which have certain things to do. In case they are all working towards the same goal, such as a company-wide project, you might need to keep track of their tasks and schedules.
Schedule tasks, appointments and meetings
VIP Task Manager Professional is a software utility that provides you with the all the tools you might require in order to stay on top of your projects, as well as plan your own schedule. The created tasks can be categorized depending on their priority and you can also choose their status from a list of predefined ones, such as draft, canceled or verified.
In addition, reminders can be setup at certain hours and they can be customized with personal messages. Furthermore, the application supports all kind of attachments, including files and hyperlinks, which can be easily added for each available item. All of the tasks are displayed in an organized list and they can also be filtered and sorted according to your needs.
Add new resources and keep track of your calendar
Beside tasks, VIP Task Manager Professional also allows you to create resources, which hold extensive information about your employees. Starting from basic information, such as name, email and department, all the way to specific roles and permissions inside the project. Moreover, you can also edit the type of notifications every user receives and whether they are sent by email or not.
The calendar tool included with the utility is useful when you need an overview on the entire project and all of the employees involved in its creation. In addition, you can add tasks and create filters directly to the desired day, by using the right-click menu. In the end, the most relevant data can be easily exported as Excel spreadsheets, as well as HTML documents.
Closing arguments
Thanks to the wide array of options and the in-depth scheduling possibilities, VIP Task Manager Professional is an application that can greatly ease-up your job and make the task of organizing your projects much easier.


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VIP Task Manager Professional 3.5.1 License Keygen PC/Windows [Updated-2022]

Work Tools:

Scheduling — Gantt charts and calendar

Customization – Extensive list of themes

Video Support

Textual Reviews

Data logging

Flexible Leveling Options – Rotate, Ignore, Ignore Tile, Vertical Flipping and Defaults

Recurring tasks – Plan your projects ahead

Compatibility and Security

Excel compatible – Share with your co-workers

NET Framework 2.0 required

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* Scheduler to manage tasks and appointments
* Reminders and email reminders
* Vast calendar with personalization features
* Resource management
* Easy-to-use reporting tools

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VIP Task Manager Professional 3.5.1

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Present your company information

Organize the information of your company
VIP Task Manager Professional is an easy-to-use scheduling tool that allows you to quickly create tasks and manage their current status.

What’s New in the VIP Task Manager Professional?

Take control of your…

VIP Task Manager Professional is a software utility that offers you the power to visualize and manage all of your projects and tasks. With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, it is an ideal tool for organizing your work and your calendar.
Perfect for a comprehensive system for your company
If you are a big company that has a whole team working in a single project, you need to make sure that they are all performing their task according to the time table and the deadline you have set. VIP Task Manager Professional is an application that will help you in doing so. You can create and manage projects, as well as find, visualize and compare deadlines.
The application offers a wide array of features, so you can create, assign and manage any kind of task. You can assign the project to a particular user, create their own schedule, assign the tasks to another employee, as well as open them in another time frame. Also, you can keep track of the progress, or track when a deadline is approaching.
Each user can have their own information page, which shows the name, email and department of the person. In addition, you can choose to be notified according to emails, or create customized messages. You can also choose the set of actions every user receives every time they open a task. The application will let you also choose whether you want to send emails to everyone when a deadline is approaching or whether you simply want to alert a specific user.
VIP Task Manager Professional Supports:
* Creating and managing projects
* Working with different kinds of tasks
* Using a calendar
* Being able to monitor the project and the deadlines

VIP Task Manager Professional is a software utility that supports creating and managing tasks, calendars, emails, file attachments, hyperlinks and reminders. Also, you can work with different kinds of schedule, such as deadlines, critical dates or due dates. Moreover, you can keep track of the project progress and the deadlines at a glance.
Create tasks and calendars
As a tool that offers its users to manage projects, you can create different types of tasks. You can classify them and you can use filters to organize them according to your schedule.
In the settings page, you can enter the name and a reminder of each task, as well as the permissions for the user who created them. Also, you can specify the kind of notifications each user receives according to their role, as well as choose whether the notifications are sent by email or by a pop-

System Requirements For VIP Task Manager Professional:

CPU: 64-bit
Disc space: 19 GB
Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 5770
Nvidia: GTX 460 (2 GB) or higher
Sound card: DirectSound
DirectX: 11.2
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 (2 GB) or higher

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