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StringWriter stringWriter = new StringWriter(new StringBuilder());
JsonWriter writer = new JsonWriter(stringWriter);
JsonWriterSettings settings = new JsonWriterSettings(JsonGenerationFlags.None);
var json = stringWriter.ToString();
var model = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(json);
Console.WriteLine(«{0}», model);

Just passing in the value and then serialising it. I can’t see any issues with any of the code. Has anyone got any ideas as to why I’m getting this error?


Because you don’t have constructor with the same name you don’t have
method with the same name so this is wrong.
With a name like CreateNewRootObject() it’s better to give it a good comment to future developers that can work with that code.
Next you’re creating a new JsonWriter object, this is double write so it can be fixed by removing the code.
Finally it’s not recommended to serialize anonymous class because each time you serialize the class will be created again, so it will lead to huge memory leak. You should create an inner class.
I think this is the code that you want:





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