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Versamap 3 For Windows Crack + Free For Windows

Versamap 3 is the latest and greatest version of Versamap. Versamap 3 adds many new features, and some enhancements have been added.
The Versamap 3 maps are plotted on the newly created Rusmap 14 map projection. Rusmap 14 is a remapped WGS 84 of the Gurney-stereographic Miller map projection. It is a slight modification of Miller’s projection, that improves the appearance of the map. Many people are using the Rusmap 14 projection with great success.
Versamap 3 can be purchased as a registered or unregistered version. When you install the program, the default map projection will be either the Rusmap 14 or the original Versamap projection.
Rusmap 14 and Versamap have a built in test that shows what each projection looks like. If you choose the default projection, Versamap will replace the test image with a map you can use to see what it looks like. If you have a map already in this projection, Versamap will fit it onto your screen. In the unregistered version, you can change the projection to one of the remaining map projections.
The Versamap 3 charts include two projection types, and two sizes. If you choose the chart and the projection, Versamap will convert the map from the Rusmap projection to the other projection you selected. To produce a paper map, Versamap will convert the map from the selected projection to the original Versamap projection. If you have a paper map to compare the output of the projection conversion to, please post the results of your comparison in the Versamap Forum at
Many new and improved features have been added to Versamap 3. Here are some of them:
■ Much better fonts. In the unregistered version, the fonts used for text strings are fixed. In the registered version, you can use any Windows font that is installed in your computer. This greatly increases your font choice options.
■ Much improved chart scaling. An object that is drawn to scale on the chart will look much closer to the actual size of the area that you are plotting on the map.
■ The tools have been rearranged so that the most commonly used features appear on the top of the menu.
■ Much more detail about the map parameters has been added. You can now get

Versamap 3 For Windows With Product Key Free

Versamap for Windows includes a sample file, «Versamap.tbl», which plots approximate positions for countries, cities, and cities of significance from the Versamap world database, together with associated data on natural features, political boundaries, and borders and frontiers. The sample file may be modified to suit your own map projections.
For example, the locations of cities for Cyrillic, Greek, and Arabic scripts may be changed with Versamap. Any of the many available fonts can be used to plot text in various languages, and in the same line as country boundaries.
Versamap Publisher, Inc.
P. O. Box 7076
West Chicago, IL, 60526
E-mail: [email protected]
For more information, visit the Versamap web site:

The Versamap Team.
Please forward this to any person who might find this software useful.
Ver3.1.4.2 JED (Sept, 2007)
Versamap is a professional, Windows-based tool for plotting map outlines on any
of 16 map projections. Versamap uses Delphi’s native graphics, and may be
compiled for 32-bit (x86, for Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000) or 64-bit
Windows (x64, for Windows 2000/XP). Versamap cannot be used under OS/2,
Advanced Server, or any other operating system which precludes use of native
Windows graphics.
Version is a bug fix release. The program will not change anything
that is already on your PC.
Changes since version 3.1.4 include:
— Bug fixes
— OS/2-compatibility fixes
Versamap 3, Windows Beta (.20)
Ver3.0.20 (V2.6) (Mar, 2007)
Versamap 3 is fully compatible with the latest version of the Versamap
World Database, and can use the full range of maps.
Version 3 also

Versamap 3 For Windows Free

This application is not designed to plot maps of small areas. Although it is not limited to plotting larger areas, this version of Versamap for Windows cannot plot more than 9,972 Km² (3,293 mi²) at 1:50,000 scale or greater.
The Versamap 3 software was designed to plot large scale maps, and has no plans to add support for area-plotting capabilities in the near future.
Versamap 3 is designed to plot the globe on the 16 major map projections, as well as a few smaller land-based map projections. The unregistered version of Versamap 3 can plot only the 16 major projections.
Most of the features and functionality of Versamap 3 are similar to Versamap 2. Versamap 3 is a completely new application that adds support for many new features and functionality, and changes much of the user interface.
Versamap 3 introduces the use of the Generalized Mercator projection. Versamap 3 offers the ability to plot the globe on this map projection.
Versamap 3 includes a user-friendly interface that allows it to be used by people who are new to the Map Projector software, as well as more experienced users.
While Versamap 3 is designed to be used on the desktop, it also includes the ability to plot the land masses of the planet on a world atlas.
Versamap 3 includes a number of new database and map settings. These features improve the ease of use of Versamap 3.
New Features in Versamap 3
■ Improved User Interface. The new user interface is faster than the old one.
■ 360 degree rotation of maps. In the old Versamap for Windows, the user would need to select the map projection on which they wanted to plot the map, and then choose the angle at which they wanted the map to be plotted. In the new Versamap for Windows, Versamap 3 plots the map at the selected angle, in the selected projection.
■ Improved Map Projection Selection. In the new Versamap for Windows, Versamap 3 can plot any of the 16 standard and proprietary map projections. Versamap 3 also uses the new Projection Picker Window tool to quickly select a desired projection and the Projection Previewer tool to view a map in that projection.
■ Improved Database Options Window. In the

What’s New in the?

Versamap draws outline maps on 16 map projections. The program allows users to print publication quality maps on any printer supported by Windows; and to export your maps in vector graphics (DXF, WMF, ASCII, CGM) and bitmap (BMP) formats.
Versamap is supplied with digital maps from the Versamap Micro World Database, which contain boundaries for the new countries that have formed from the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, for Eritrea, for Canadian Provinces, and for Australian States.
More detailed digital maps from the CIA’s World Data Bank II and from the USGS Digital Line Graph database may be purchased from the author. Individual geographic features, such as coastlines, rivers, islands, and political boundaries, can be plotted from these digital map databases.
The program allows users to plot their own data (as lines or symbols) in a simple ASCII format, and to display labels next to their data points.
Text may be added to maps using any Windows font. Each text string can have a different font, and can be rotated in 1 degree increments.
The program plots Great Circles between user selected endpoints, and reports course and distance at points along the Great Circle. Versamap also reports map parameters and scale errors at selected points on the map.
Versamap is designed to plot outline maps of areas larger than about 200 miles (320 km) on a side. The program is not designed to plot maps of small areas, such as city maps.
Here are some key features of «Versamap for Windows»:
■ Draw outline maps on 16 map projections, showing equatorial, polar, and oblique aspects.
■ Select geographic features to be plotted.
■ Choose from 241 colors.
■ Plot your own data as lines or symbols, and display labels next to your points.
■ Plot great circles. Report waypoints, course, distance.
■ Plot small circles around latitude, longitude points.
■ Add text to maps. Each text string can have a different font, and can be rotated in 1 degree increments.
■ Export maps in Windows bitmap (BMP) format.
■ Export maps in vector graphic format as Windows Metafiles (WMF), Computer Graphic Metafiles (CGM), or AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) files.
■ Print publication quality

System Requirements For Versamap 3 For Windows:

PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®3 system with firmware version 9.40 or higher and (game disc) required.
*Operating system version update to version 6.15.00 or higher (patched)
*Broadband Internet connection (ISP fees apply)
*Software subject to license ( Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy ( &

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