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Ts3 Spam Bot Download


This Bot lets you easly automate your TS3 server! Make bots, control them and get paid for it!

Spam bots are usually run by people to get some free money from the people who bought bot. This bot can help you to block spam bots in a easy way.

Our free discord bot is the perfect choice for your discord server. This Discord bot can spam and annoy players without any efforts.

Meet the most simple and easiest discord bot for windows 10 and mac. If you want to make a bot, this is the best way to start. We also share some how to’s on how to build a bot using this discord bot.Q:

Ajax success event not firing in IE8 and IE9

I am having trouble understanding why this ajax call is not firing properly in IE8 and IE9.
If I comment out the alert() in the success event then the alert() will fire in IE9 and IE8.
My guess is that the jQXHR object simply doesn’t have that property.
How can I check that?
function checkAuthorize() {
var jQXHR;

jQXHR = jQuery.post(‘/api/authorize/check’, jQuery.param(jQuery(‘#api_parameters’).serialize()));

//added this to debug
alert(«REQUEST: » + jQXHR.getAllResponseHeaders());

jQXHR.complete(function (data) {
alert(«SUCCESS: » + data);
if (data.authorizationToken == ‘true’) {
alert(«User authorized.»);
return true;
} else {
alert(«User denied.»);
return false;

//added this to debug
alert(«SUCCESS: » + jQXHR.status);

alert(«jQXHR: » + jQX


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