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Jane Westlake has joined the military academy to become a train driver, after she lost her dad to an accident. She is desperately trying to find out the purpose of a cargo train, she inherited from her father and why the military is involved.
She found the train, but the military is stopping her from leaving with the cargo!
Help her, she must find her way through the mountains, deserts, rivers, forests and valleys, using her athleticism, be intelligent, cunning and quick-thinking to defeat enemies and obstacles.
About My Education Development Studio:
My Education Development Studio is a small team of developers, based in Sotogrande, on the Spanish Costa del Sol. My Education Development Studio consists of a group of people with different skills and backgrounds but with a common goal: creating games.
This is the first title developed by the group.
We believe in the power of games to inspire curiosity and creativity, and to provide healthy and encouraging environments. Our in-house development platform includes a game engine that allows for fast and efficient production and compilation. We work in Unity 3D.
Our Game Engine
Supporting Bollywood and Death-defying environments — you have to find your way up an old and huge abandoned railway viaduct. A dangerous and very tall course awaits you.
Use Jane’s athletic ability to navigate the environment.
Use action skills to defeat your enemies. Find weapons, ammo and explosives to aid your fight.
Use your intelligence to solve puzzles in order to advance.
About Our Partners:
To promote the game on Facebook and to improve our platform for sales and marketing, we have partnered with both Colopl.es and Xumo.
Our website address: www.my-edu.com
We look forward to hearing from you!

Гостьи, желаю вам удачи! 🙂
My Education team is launching its first mobile game, Jane Westlake Adventures — The Mystery Train. We have been working for 6 months on it and have just released the first demo.
The game has a challenging and dangerous mountain, be realistic, we did not want to cheat.
We are already working on version 2 and 3, and we will add more new puzzles and locations.
In the meantime, we would appreciate your support, we will like to receive your feedback and ideas. We are really excited about this project and we have a lot of creativity and dream in


Features Key:

  • Survive the outer space runs
  • Exercise your brain power here: Solve the puzzles and collect all the chips
  • Take on and defeat the Enemies
  • Team up with other players to take down the Villains
  • Gain new means of transport


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StreetRacer VR C PRO Nitro in-car racing game is a realistic racing game where you race in a super realistic RC car. You are challenged on 3 different track types — dirt track, asphalt track and ovals (which are for water races and special events only).
In 2017 you can play more than 30 events in the game, with more than 35 cars. Plus, get up to 3 multiplayer races per day for free.
Choose a game mode to enjoy endless streetracing action in speed and adrenaline. With 5-axis sensors and 3D laser scanning, the VR C PRO Nitro features the newest in-car experience.
Key features:
— Free to play
— Play on 3 different track types
— Realistic car physics
— Autonomous vehicle
— Realistic wheel
— Realistic engine sound
— Multiplayer events
— Different car control schemes
— Tilt-only head tracking
— VR support
— Play on all Android devices.
For more details on this VR racing game, visit:


Customer Reviews

Review by Jestev


Great Car Racing Game

If you liked GT5’s spec car feel, this is the game for you, though it took a while to get into the game. The game is addictive, real-life feel perfect for any racing fan. The customization is great!Q:

How to get position of a UIView inside a UIScrollView in iOS

I created a UIScrollView(which is inside a UIWindow ) and a few UIButtons (which are inside the UIScrollView).
I have a UIView which I want to hide when I touch a button. The problem is that I am not able to identify the position of the UIView and hence hide it.
This is my implementation:
— (void)viewDidLoad
[super viewDidLoad];
// Do any additional setup after loading the


Tiger Tank 59 … Mission Pack 040 [Updated-2022]

Fire-Ant Videos is a series of different video about ant theme.

Balloon (used to secure the net to the ground)- Ant climbing inside the balloon.

Balloon-Ant (rocket powered)

Scurrying- Ants scurrying down the hill. (if you select the cork option it will slow the video down. At the start select «unlimited» then a joystick will appear. move the joystick to move your ant around. When you select «cork» you will see a kind of joystick placed so that it can slow down the movement of your ant. the ant will try to go down the hill in a kind of a race. Start your video and select «cork» in the sliders and let it run

Windmill-Ant (very hard)

Sockeye-Ant (very hard)

Blueberries-Ant (fast, easy)

About»Jet-Ant»:Jet-Ant is a simple platform game. It’s the game of ant. In this ant is trying to collect coins while avoiding the obstacles.
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In this episode we show you how to create a simple android game using Java and Unity. In this video we will show you how to add controls to your android game using Unity’s Input systems. We will also show you how to add user login options using the Play Store.
Please leave a like if you enjoyed this video, follow our channel to never miss a video again

Java Tutorial :

Download :
FacebookPage :
License :


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