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NameSuper Astrovade
Rating4.52 / 5 ( 8871 votes )
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Mystery Planet is a space survival simulation game where you must mine for precious resources, learn to navigate and dodge deadly asteroids, get past dangerous creatures and fight space pirates all the while striving to survive.
Dark Matter is my first solo project, I am currently a single parent who is trying to get a game of this calibur completed and released for my family and friends. I hope you have the same

Welcome to our space adventure game.
About This Game
Welcome to the fantastic dark adventure game.
An old military station that is besieged by aliens and will have to be defended by 5 survivors who are in the only remaining station to survive.
One day, mysterious objects were detected on the planet, the next day, our spaceship was disabled by enemy.
Now, It’s game over. Help us send an SOS signal so we could be rescued from Earth.
After traveling through space, we landed to Planet Lopevo and we found that our spaceship was disabled.
We followed the signal and found the intact spaceship.
Get to the cargo hold and

Far out in the universe, deep in the colonized reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy, an elite starfighting unit known as the Starfighters of the 5th Kanoa Space Fleet is preparing for an invasion of a rival galaxy. Clad in hi-tech armor and wielding rocket propelled fighter craft, they stand ready for battle against the aggressive alien foe.
However, a warning from an esteemed Galactic scout of unknown species has forced the Starfighters to leave their base deep in the depths of the uncharted Orion Nebula. Immediately following the warning, deadly asteroid

Naval Strike is an arcade game developed by Axel-Tobias Heideman and TheDustyBrush.In Naval Strike, you can join the surface and underwater combat of a U.S. Destroyer in various missions.With their turret, you can perform a wide range of combat tasks, including moving the ship, combat, and destroy enemies.In addition, you can destroy all incoming and incoming ships using the destroyer’s weapons.This time, you’ll be the commander of the U.S. destroyer. You’ll face a wide array of enemy warships.The action and the

A quick news release:
Firestorm: Lost Souls – Free Demo – official site for full version:


Super Astrovade Features Key:

  • 120 challenging and not very easy but very easy to master levels
    with different objects, obstacles and shooting needs.
  • 2 difficulty modes, easy easy, hard…
  • fresh colors
  • great score, time and highscores
  • in game achievements, you can collect them and play as a super astrovade character.
    Collect red speed buz, blue powerups(x4), red bullets, torpedo
  • collect stars to get extra score, stars help you to reach a super astrovade record
  • awesome new levels are coming this season

addictive gameplay

  • extend the object lifetime
  • spasing through the levels and have fun
  • reaching a super astrovade score.
  • earn a very cool badges
  • Buy your game keys for Android,iOS and Windows Phone from the Play Store and App Store!


Super Astrovade With Registration Code [Win/Mac]

Symbiotic Love is a coming of age visual novel that takes place at an all-girls high school. In a world where the devil appears to have lost his power, the two girls, a lonely loner and an ambitious fox, are obsessed with making the world a better place. The fox aims to use her charms to rule the world, but the lonely loner wants to slay the devil once and for all…

Say thank you to Saya Momose’s beautiful artwork through her Patreon!

Download Here:


*Paypal: [email protected]

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Game by: SatuR

Graphics by: Saya Momose

See the official SatuR News Site for more news and updates:


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Follow me on Tumblr:

I hope you enjoyed the graphics. If you did, please rate, review and leave a comment. If you want to support me, I’d be glad if you would subscribe to my Patreon, which you can find here: Please, if you give me a good review or rate the graphics, I will really appreciate it and it will help me to create more art with the time I have available to create art. You can also click the donate button if you’d like to support me.

Which of these girls are you?

A lonely girl who wants to be more popular and beautiful than everyone else, but her one chance at getting the loneliest thing she’s ever wanted, comes by way of her new best friend who helps her realize how happy she can be with the love of a devil.

You don’t have to love me

Or I don’t have to love you

We’re not supposed to get along

And that’s ok

But I can’t tell lies

I can’t hide

And you can’t ignore

The way that I love you

The way you make me feel

The way you make me


Super Astrovade Free Registration Code

Our review of Doom.Newgamedungeons 2 is by far the most fun Ive had with any roguelike game to date.8/10 Indie Game MagazineWe loved running from trigger to trigger in the enclosed levels, carrying out complicated series of quests, finding secret passages, and manipulating traps.10/10 Adventure Gamers
About This ContentThe goal of Carbot is to find out who the odd male voice belongs to.
‘Carbot’s Big Daddy Adventure’ follows the bizarre journey of a pair of detectives in the workplace of a company called Carbot. Their mission is to find out who is the real odd male in the office. However, their efforts to uncover the source of the voice trouble is continually thwarted by a bizarre set of circumstances.
Ending:The solution, hidden in plain sight, leads to a true spiritual awakening.12/10 Adventure Gamers
#thevoiceofcarbot — Full game by Oxide Games & Benjamin Doucette [free]All Carbot’s Big Daddy Adventure content is free. When you purchase the game and Carbot’s Big Daddy Adventure, you will receive the game instantly and also the ‘Reverse Mode’ from the story as a bonus. The Carbot’s Big Daddy Adventure story is composed of chapters, which are self-contained events within the larger tale. Each chapter has 5 optional endings. What you receive depends on your choices in the first chapter. Playing all chapters will lead you to one final revelation, however you may also choose to skip the final chapter and go straight to the ending at any point.
*The ‘Carbot’s Big Daddy Adventure’ visual novel is available as a separate purchase. You receive the game instantly but also the ‘Reverse Mode’ from the story as a bonus.
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