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Why was my downvote reversed?

The poster of the question mentioned in the title does not really seem very polite in any way, so I didn’t hesitate to flag the question for moderator attention.
I’ve given it three votes to close and I’m currently a few votes away from closing it, and so far only one person who voted to close has cast a close-voter’s vote as «leave open». Why has one of the three votes to close been changed to «close» (i.e., are we supposed to think this question is of such low quality that it should be closed? Was the vote to close some other way, perhaps corrected or retracted after I voted to close?


There was an edit of the question, which is what the vote’s reverted to. Edits aren’t supposed to be rolled back, so that’s why it’s gone back to the original.
The votes to close are still in place, and have not been retracted by moderators. (The mods see all these votes, and try not to be too overzealous or hasty.)


The question, as originally posted, was:

How to view and close all questions without the ‘on hold’ tab?

You’ve voted to close it as very low quality. The poster then edited the question to say:

How to view and close all questions without the ‘on hold’ tab?

You then proceeded to cast three close votes on it, all of which were subsequently retracted by the moderators. It was not because the quality of the question had changed in any way.
I’m personally not very happy about having to undo a vote, but it was in the best interests of the site and the poster to have it like this.


Mods need to see three «Leave Open» votes and agree that the question is not off topic, or that an edit is not an attempt to cast a vote to close and reopen the question, before they will do so. When they come to this case, they agreed that the question was fine as it was, and updated the original vote that had been cast to «Leave Open» to «Unclear what you’re asking», while still leaving the original close votes in place.

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