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Stata 14 Serial Number Crack

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Android: Phone is getting into a «hiccup» loop (aka the stopper)

I’ve got an HTC Desire HD that’s been working perfectly for the past four months.
Since yesterday I am in a state where after a few minutes the phone goes into the Stopper mode (alt-home-back) and I cannot make it go out of it. Not even by using DFU.
It’s so annoying that this is the third phone I’ve upgraded to Android in the same way and none of them have ever done that.
It’s also so annoying that I can’t report the cause because the phone isn’t responding to taps and the physical buttons won’t even do anything.
I’ve already tried a hard reset with the STOCK ROM with the same result, and I’ve tried to load the stock firmware from but after the phone restarts I get again the hiccup loop.
What can I do?
I don’t want to downgrade the firmware because I don’t trust anything anymore.
I need to know what component of the system could be broken or damaged.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Thanks to @zacap16 and @Frederick, I’ve been able to fix the issue.
Since the phone was not responding to any of the physical buttons or to the home button, I reset the phone with the Download Mode.
Download Mode is a way to force Google to restart the phone without any backup. It works fine as long as there is a backup of the phone. To download mode you first boot the phone in «normal mode» and then you press the volume button and keep it pressed until you see the Download Mode menu.
You can then use the volume keys to select Download Mode and then use the power button to start the normal mode again and the phone will be restarted.
Only then you can use the volume keys to select any


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