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Welcome to the future. Where the normal rules do not apply. A world destroyed by nuclear war, overrun by mutant monsters and survivors. A world where a band of genetically enhanced warriors risk everything to ignite the fires of rebellion and forge their own destiny. Set in a living, breathing world that reacts to your every action, Shadow Warrior 3 immerses you in a massive open-world experience that begs to be explored. Step into the role of Red, an unlikely warrior who discovers that the only way to save mankind from extinction, is to embrace the shadows, unleash the power of the gods, and become a legend in the process.

Key features:

Ultimate Warrior – A destructive open world that reacts to your every action: Mutate enemies, explore new and previously discovered locations and uncover ancient relics.

Smooth locomotion and weapon animations: Enjoy fluid, reactive and explosive combat as you slash and dodge your way through the savage world, while also enjoying fluid weapons animation.

Discoverable secrets: Expertly designed levels are riddled with secrets, from hidden blades to deadly traps.

Do you dare to challenge the God of Blades?

Read on for more details!


Let your re-birth begin…

Jump into a living, breathing world full of tactical free-flow combat and touch screen combat. Dash, slash, thrust and stab your way through an ever-shifting landscape. Red, the world’s last warrior of strength and honor, can’t rest while evil hordes roam the land. He must fight to reclaim his purpose. Find, kill, loot, fight. As Red, you can leave the shadows and fulfill your destiny.

Assemble the warriors of history: A fully-customizable cast of warriors ranging from the great duellists of old to modern day heroes and heroines.

Discoverable secrets: Levels designed to be smart and challenging, with hidden blades, deadly traps and more.

Become Legend

Battle hordes of enemies: Rally a team of deadly warriors and face the forces of darkness head-on. From merciless horde bosses to brutal warrior class, they will test your mettle to the extreme.

Play with a cast of famous characters: From the Warriors of the Old West to the Casters of New York, jump into the role of a famous character for a fully-customized gameplay experience. From their superhuman abilities to their unique set of moves and perks, everyone has a story to


Shadow Warrior 3 Features Key:

  • Shadow Warrior 3 Features:

The next-gen Shadow Warrior returns with a focus on melee combat, a fully upgraded cover system, bigger maps and more weapons.

Shadow Warrior 3 Features:

  • Shadow Warrior 3 Features:


Shadow Warrior 3 With Key Free Download

The shadow warriors once again take on the foreign menace brewing in the rough-and-tumble frontier town of New York City. After the fall of the American Empire, China has invaded the world, and the foreign conquers have enslaved the human population and created mutant ‘Jade Soldiers’ to do their bidding. Now it’s up to the Shadow Warriors to take up arms against this new era of darkness and bring the world together once again.
Freedom of movement, entirely open and non-linear gameplay:
Go anywhere and do anything. Spread the shadow of chaos across the city freely, and liberate the city from the Japanese yakuza and the Chinese invaders.
Fight in four new and original environments:
Free the city from the Chinese invaders in New York City or keep the protection of the yakuza for the growing Chinese empire.
Fight in four new and unique characters, with four new weapons and over a dozen new weapons and abilities.
New martial arts gameplay for each character:
The Shaolin martial arts gameplay returns, alongside new gameplay elements.
A new style of stealth gameplay:
Reverse takedowns, roll in the throws of melee combat, and glide away in shadow.
A range of new details:
Best in-engine graphics since Shadow Warrior 2 and Shadows of the Damned.
Advanced mechanics that make the game an absolute joy to play:
Move freely, scale walls and jumps, glide from rooftops, dodge enemy attacks, move through crowds, and lean at the wall with a shadow sword in hand.Q:

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Shadow Warrior 3 [Win/Mac]

I am an admirer of the earlier Shadow Warrior games, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover, in Shadow Warrior 3, that the gameplay, while still being fast-paced, was still solid. The combat can be a bit messy and there are, quite often, moments of slowdown or situations that are…

What is the game? What is the full title? Genre: FPS, Action Language: English

Racy… and cute

So this is Shadow Warrior 6. I didn’t read up on reviews before getting it, like I usually do, and I got the game not knowing what to expect at all. To be honest, I was really surprised and pleasantly surprised by how good this game was. It really reminded me of games like Black Ops 2, but with a lot more «good old fashion» shooting. But the biggest surprise for me was that there were no voice clips or characters as far as I could tell. So the…

If you’ve ever played a Shadow Warrior game, you should know what to expect. But that’s not to say that this one is bad. It’s actually a very fun game. The gameplay is fun, the graphics are good and you get to play as Shang-Chi. I do wish though that the character wasn’t quite so… well, I’m not entirely sure why but maybe it was because I don’t play any other martial arts games. I dunno. But there…

As Shadow Warrior fans all know, Shadow Warrior 3 is the best game in the series, hands down. It has fast, fun gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and it has one of the most badass characters I’ve ever seen in a video game. As for why the review score is so low, unfortunately, Shadow Warrior 2: Director’s Cut suffers from loading and unpolished gameplay. The game is also incredibly repetitive. Let’s…

Shadow Warrior 3: The Best FPS Game Ever.

I’ve played all the Shadow Warrior games, as well as Three, Showdown, Knights of the Old Republic, GTFO, and all the Ghost Recon games to date. I’ll be reviewing SW3 in this series and giving it a fair and honest review. It might be a little basic for some but I hope it’s good.

Quick Start:
—To start the game, you’ll have to select a character. You can select from Shang-Chi, Lo Wang, Varus, Amuru or Solomon. I’ll detail them throughout the review


What’s new:

Shadow Warrior 3 (titled Shadow Warrior in North America) is a first-person shooter developed and published by nWaysoft, also serving as the last game of the series. It was released on June 11, 2006 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 under the branding of Shadow Warrior. The game received generally mixed reviews and created a poor sales for its console counterparts.


Shadow Warrior 3 is a first-person shooter title. Players take control of a mercenary named Lo Wang (named after the titular character in Bandai’s Strange Wulin in the west), as he fights for Lady Rainstar against the demon known as Nosgoth. The game begins with the player being ordered by Lady Rainstar to infiltrate Nosgoth’s capital-city of Baab and assassinate Xavius, the Cardinal of the Demon Legions. Taking the game into outer space to Nosgoth’s homeworld of Mokara, Lo engages in combat against the demons.

Lo Wang, the previous protagonist of Shadow Warrior was imprisoned in a mortuary by the villain Zhamela and sentenced to die by the poisonous influence of a mystical artifact. While in captivity, he meets a demonic spirit named Vovka who explains that some 3000 years ago, a set of five magical weapons known as the Scythe of Serpents were forged for good, but an evil magician utilized them for his own purposes and now they were being haunted with dark powers. After the mystic’s death, she left the Scythe to mortals and these weapons were divided among the Emperor, his Five Generals (the generals of the Imperial Army) and would be used to wage open war between Nosgoth and the human empire. Lo (who was part of the Five Generals) was empowered by the Scythe and left for Baab to retrieve it. There he met the Lady Rainstar, the Imperial general who was a womanizer in both good and bad ways. He later realized Rainstar wanted the Scythe for a secret unknown reason and teamed up with her.


Shadow Warrior 3 received generally mixed reviews. The game received an average score of 58.18% and an accumulated score of 56.42% on GameRankings as of October 15, 2006.

IGN gave the game a 7/10 stating that, «Struggling on a number of fronts, Shadow Warrior 3 finds itself trying to re-position itself in a less than friendly gaming market.» They criticized the game’s visuals saying «Shadow Warrior 3


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    System Requirements:

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