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NameSerious Sam 2
Rating4.76 / 5 ( 5198 votes )
Update(10 days ago)







Thank you for downloading the “Little Imps: A Dungeon Builder”, we work hard to release new videos with more and more enjoyment. After the successful feedback of the previous video we have increased the difficulty level and added more building options and concepts for the new game.
This game is made by akeytsu Indie 2021 and is free to play.
The price here refers to the final version, after the new update. The game is free to play but you have the option to buy items with real money.
You can play the game from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
To experience the multiplayer functions in «Little Imps: A Dungeon Builder» please register in our website.
Thank you and enjoy «Little Imps: A Dungeon Builder»!
The akeytsu Indie 2021 Team.
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The Legend of Dungeon Keeper 3

The Legend of Dungeon Keeper 3
By the end of the Dark Ages, the Grimlord Varnius and his followers have lost. In the Cataclysm, they are annihilated. The King still lives. The Dark Forces have not yet had time to assemble. The Hero is not needed. His path is to destroy them. Helping him is the new Dungeon Keeper series! Play Dungeon Keeper III. Join the battle. Take on the powers of the evil Orcs and Goblins. Help the heroes kill them.

The Legend of Dungeon Keeper 3

The Legend of Dungeon Keeper 3
By the end of the Dark Ages, the Grimlord Varnius and his followers have lost. In the Cataclysm, they are annihilated. The King still lives. The Dark Forces have not yet had time to assemble. The Hero is not needed. His path is to destroy them. Helping him is the new Dungeon Keeper series! Play Dungeon Keeper III. Join the battle. Take on the powers of the evil Orcs and Goblins. Help the heroes kill them.

The Legend of Dungeon Keeper 3

The Legend of Dungeon Keeper 3
By the end of the Dark Ages, the Grimlord Varnius and his


Features Key:

  • Mature immersive tactical action — will leave you nodding in recognition at the game world
  • It can be played offline
  • It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivative Works 2.0 License


Serious Sam 2 Crack + [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

A funny and fun adventure with puzzles to solve and hidden secrets to find.
Explore several unique islands to unravel their secrets.
Play through 10 unique puzzles.
Unravel the Bermuda mystery with over 30 different Easter Eggs.
Loved by fans of adventure games, puzzles and television!
Have Fun!
New in 1.2.2:
— NEW LEVEL: Atlantis
— NEW MAP: A map now shows the locations of all the Easter Eggs.
— NEW MAP: Current level
— NEW LEVEL: Hallowed Site
— NEW LEVEL: Sea of Sharks
— UI changes
— New music and sound effects
— Bug fixes
— Other
Requires: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Can you help Milton find his way home?
What a roller-coaster ride!
Please note that this game may crash on some devices.

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Follow the main hero as he travels through the fascinating world of Mars. To solve the puzzles you will have to explore the world of Mars and get around using the jet-pack. How far can you go before your escape is discovered?
This fun adventure day and night is the first part of the Mars Saga. It will take you on a journey through 3 different planets. In the game, you are the main hero. Your goal is to find a way to escape from this strange planet.
Discover the secrets behind these 3 planets and take control of the hero’s ship. Your mission is to find and capture a special orb and escape with your spaceship before your ship is destroyed.
Watch and find out how many secrets and surprises await you and the main hero in this great adventure!
How to play:
Just touch and drag to control the hero’s spaceship
Avoid the giant obstacles to make it back home
Build your spaceship using a variety of items
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Find 12 mysterious orbs to discover the mystery of Mars


Serious Sam 2 Activation Code With Keygen Free Download

The red sliding number in the middle of the screen represents the current level. Your goal is to move the numbers to reach the position indicated by the right timer. Watch the red wheel in the bottom of the screen, the more numbers you move, the more the wheel will turn. The blue square in the middle of the screen shows the number of spots the current level requires.

If you are lucky, you can move only in forward. If you are not, then you need to adjust yourself to the situation. At any time you can move the current digit to the right, but if you cause the wheel to turn, then the neighboring numbers are incremented by one. This is done in the form of a block, in the blue square in the middle of the screen. In this case, you have to make a count of blocks in one direction until the count reaches the value indicated in the blue window in the middle of the screen, and then you go in the reverse direction, but the value of the increment is not reversed.

There are two different modes:

Smart mode — In this mode the grid is set and you have only a couple of seconds. Then the numbers fall in a row of blocks, and you must move the red wheel to them to complete the level.

Time mode — In this mode the numbers fall in random order, and you are given 15 seconds to complete the level. You move the numbers to the places indicated by the time limit.

Total number of levels is not counted. In the normal mode you have one minute to complete the level. In time mode you can play as long as you can until the end of the level.

1. Clock, your number line! — Two ways — choose the correct, and you will pass our first level!
2. Main menu. — Delete your level.
3. 4 levels. — This will be the hardest challenge of the game. But you can do it if you think clearly.
4. 5 levels. — Okay, so far so good. The game is simple and enjoyable.
5. 6 levels. — 5, then 10, 15, 20…
6. 7 levels. — This will be a real test!

There are different levels in the game. Each level has a certain color, and has a timer to complete. At any time you can press the button «P». In this case, the game will pause, and you can play if you like.


What’s new in Serious Sam 2:


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    How To Crack Serious Sam 2:

  • Installing the program.
  • Follow step by step to install the program.

  • Cracking the program.
  • Click here to grab the.dlls along with files. You can crack the files using any unrar utilities and getting the crack.

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