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Samsung Ml 2851nd Reset ##HOT##


Samsung Ml 2851nd Reset

50 x 32 cm. To reset this printer, you must use the reset chip. This chip is supplied in the original box for the printer. This reset chip is easy to apply if you know how to take it out of the box and how to apply it. Take the chip out of the original box.

Remove the cardboard cover (the one that is attached to the printer) and the .

look for the reset chip. Push the chip into the back of the printer. Find the reset chip (it will be near the metal slot) and push it into the metal slot. Please note that the chip is silver in color and when you push it into the slot, you need to ensure that the metal is flat and parallel with the flat surface of the chip.

When the reset chip is pushed into the metal slot, an LED will light up and the printer will reset itself. When this is done, remove the reset chip. If the printer is not reset, you must reset it again. You can reset the chip again by pushing the chip into the metal slot and closing the cover. After it is reset, the LED will turn off and you can continue using the printer.

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Toner Cartridge

Product Description

Format: Compatible for: Samsung ML-2850, ML-2851 Series. The reset chip has 4 pins: reset, grounded. pin 1-black, pin 2-blue (has no effect on reset), pin 3-green, pin 4-white.

This chip was tested and is fit for purpose. However, we always recommend testing the reset chip before using it, if you are unsure.

This chip is fit for use with the following model number: ML-2850, ML-2851 Series — Toner Cartridge

In The Box:

Package Contents :

1 x Reset Chip

1 x User Manual

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Samsung ML-2850D / ML-2851ND After Sales Service & Support

If you have any technical problems with your Samsung ML-2850D / ML-2851ND printer, then we are here to help. First, call our customer support team for immediate help. You can call us on .

Using the manufacturer’s reset chip is the surest way to reset your printer if it

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