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The game is an MMORPG. The key elements of the game include:

1) A vast world, a place full of different places and a variety of quests.
* An MMORPG in which the player can freely travel the vast world and enjoy a variety of quests.
2) An exciting battle system.
* An action-RPG in which the player controls a hero using a variety of weapons and armor and attacks the enemy while making use of the powerful attacks of the hero.
3) A varied wide variety of characters.
* A large number of characters that the player can freely design, from a variety of races and backgrounds to a wide variety of classes and skills, and can enjoy the game with countless combinations.
4) An exciting story.
* A story which is composed of fragmented pieces of dialog.
5) Achievements earned during the game, an epic and thrilling novel.
The hero Lorelei travels as an orphan and is raised by a magic user, the wizard Trono. Eventually, he encounters the vicious and evil Ring, and he is accepted by the power of the Elden Ring.
The player’s choices will have a great impact on the story.

The elements of fun and experience that are contained in the game will be described below.
The fun and experience of the game are divided into two main parts: Adventure and Story.


1. Main Story of the Adventure: A Grand Story

The story is composed of many different segments of the hero Lorelei’s adventure.
The main plot of the adventure in the game is Lorelei’s change to the dragon-shrine and the creation of the first Ring.

Main Story of Lorelei’s Adventure

The adventure begins when Lorelei becomes an adventurer.

Lorelei is raised and trained by a magic user, Trono.

Trono teaches Lorelei magic and teaches her to be a magician.

Due to the relation between a magic user and his apprentice, Lorelei and Trono fight each other as enemies and obtain the power of the Ring.

Lorelei’s adventure begins after Trono’s betrayal.

A story of betrayal and of the hero struggling against the evil power that attacks him.

A story of fighting against the evil power that attacks Lorelei.

2. Adventure Details


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • POWER RANGE Battle as you might in a MMORPG, but create your own character, equipped with weapons and armor that boost individual stats.
  • ROTATING CAMERA Artistically advantage your character by adjusting the camera view, changing the angle of view. Experience even more immersive graphics!
  • UNLOCKABLE CHARACTERS Clear the game and unlock playable characters. Each character has its own draw over and draws are different!
  • Synchronizable Multiplayer You can play the game in multiplayer and compete with other players in real time!
  • ENUMERATE YOUR OWN CHARACTERS Recognize exactly what your equipment, vocation, and magic do by simply clicking it.
  • BATTLE OPPONENTS THROUGH CO-OP MULTIPLAYER «Climb to the top and stand victorious against your opponent on his blade.»- Straight from the Game, Kakyou!!! As the main protagonist, you can fight and be defeated by your opponents as a single player character, and then be challenged to a rank battle as a co-op partner.

    The game will work with the following video-related services and applications: 

    • Display:   iPad<\/a> iOS\#<\/a><\/sup><\/strong><\/li>
    • PlayStation4<\/a><\/sup><\/strong><\/li>
    • PS Vita<


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      The Ranger in


      Its an Elden Ring Download With Full Crack melee weapon, one of the 3 main melee weapons you can use.
      But its rangers job is to go attack enemies with magic.
      Using this might turn out to be a bad idea.
      Since their mana reserves are very low.
      Its a slightly buffed thrower, or real bad to be a ranger cause its only powerful against ground


      The Cloak

      Light Armor|Light

      Requires Jewelcrafting materials.
      The cloak is crafted with the Jewelcrafting skill.
      Cloaks can be acquired by the players in the crafting window (E) during account management.
      Cloaks are effective while the character is wearing them.

      It provides protection from acid, fire, light, and cold.
      It cannot be disabled by certain spells.
      When the Protection effect expires, the cloak is disenchanted to its owner.

      Wearers whose Protection effect is active are considered to have a Protection mode, increasing the effect of Protection from all sources by 30%.
      This effect does not expire unless the wearer is incapacitated.


      The Staff


      Requires Jewelcrafting materials.
      The staff is crafted with the Jewelcrafting skill.
      Staffs can be acquired by the players in the crafting window (E) during account management.
      It provides a shield bonus to all weapons, and increases the Physical stat.
      It cannot be disabled by certain spells.
      When the Shield bonus effect expires, it is disenchanted to its owner.

      Wearers whose Shield bonus is active are considered to have a Shield bonus, increasing the physical damage of all weapons by 15% and the Defence stat by 15.
      This effect does not expire unless the wearer is incapacitated.


      The Shoes

      Heavy Armor|Heavy

      Requires Jewelcrafting materials.
      The shoes are crafted with the Jewelcrafting skill.
      Shoes can be acquired by the players in the crafting window (E) during account management.
      Its an uncommon monster-resisting item.
      It provides protection from fire, cold, and bleed.
      It cannot be disabled by certain spells.
      When the Protection effect expires, the shoes are disench


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      Epic Dramas

      Cinema Novel-Style

      Ability to Join Multiplayer

      Other Features

      Character Creation

      Character Customization


      A variety of Talents



      Advanced Assignments

      Multistage Battle


















      Advanced Combat Features

      The two aspects of the timing of strikes and making full use of your abilities will be fully displayed by allowing players to enjoy several new features to greatly enhance combat.

      An intuitive interface and force battle system are placed in the center of battle for players to enjoy direct, easy-to-understand action. An elegant air battle system is also available to provide a special pleasure to players who feel strong in the air.

      A special motion and timing system is also introduced that allows players to use skills fully by allowing players to smoothly and accurately control a variety of sword and magic skills.

      A refined combat system is placed at the center of battle and multiple systems are introduced that allow players to enjoy thrilling and diverse action.

      In addition, cinematic novel-style cinematic effects are introduced that allow players to enjoy intense and impressive drama and the refined action of the game is placed at the center of the battle.

      An advanced scenery effect presentation system is also introduced that allows players to enjoy the most realistic and dynamic battle display.

      Epic Dramas

      Create an epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect.

      Learn how to resolve the conflicts and bring meaning to your life.

      Deliver an exciting sense of achievement as you complete your story with a new and different scenario.

      With a new and expressive image, players can create a deeper emotional response and feel the dramatic climax at each step.

      A novel-style cinematic effect presentation system is also introduced, and players can enjoy exciting action and emotions.


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      RELEASE NOTE: 1.0.6 September 2015


      Games Supported:

      Cooperative Online Play with up to six other players

      Innovative and tight UI (interface)

      Character formation

      Strengthen and improve your party members

      Simple yet effective system for most actions such as damage

      Role distribution

      Enhancement of monsters and equipment

      World maps with a variety of characteristic environments

      Drag and drop that is simple to control

      Interactive dynamic battle sequences

      Various and dynamic dungeons

      A world filled with adventure and a variety of surprises in dungeons

      Free and open-world RPG

      Complex and diverse network of hubs, shops, and deep areas

      Classless classification of playable and support characters enables various play styles.

      Kingdom Heart Director's Cut

      A storyline that has a variety of heavy threats and many unknowns awaiting you


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      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Download the installer (below)
    • Unpack the file and run the.exe
    • Create a shortcut on your desktop
    • Double click the shortcut to launch the application

    Select from among the different languages, region options, and key types (English, Australian, etc.)

    Windows 7/8 Users:

    Vista/XP/Vista Embedded:

    MID users:

    Please use the compressed and standard version of the installer for STEAM 2155, for STEAM 2294, for STEAM 2406.

    Need help? ask, ask, ask!

    This is the ROM/dod/emu tag.
    If you have any problems with the player,
    don’t play, don’t play, don’t play. If you want to look for a ROM,
    at least mention that ROM.
    Getting all your files made by different mods going amok is a time investment.
    If someone does not have the time to help,
    it is their problem, not yours.
    If you would like help, you can ask at the forums.
    Here’s a link to videos
    of players trying to solve the error they got when «suicide».
    The errors are around 77, these might be for the same issue


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7/Windows Vista
    Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E2180, AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core, or better
    Memory: 1GB RAM
    Hard Drive: 1GB HD space
    Graphics: Intel® GMA 950, AMD HD Graphics, or better
    DirectX: Version 9.0c (9.1b compatible), DirectX® 11
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    ScummVM requires approximately 512 MB of VRAM


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