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The Process Spy application was designed to help you obtain a list of active processes that are running on a local computer. For each process, It displays the following detail information: process name, process identifier, Memory Address, version number of main executable file of current process, name of company, description of process’s main function, location of main executable file of process.
For each process, it display list of all modules loaded by the running process and it’s details. It show all windows information created by the process and you can Flash, Hide/Show, Enable/Disable or Close it easily. You can end a running process, view file property, or locate file in Explore easily too. It allow you export all the information to a text file as a snapshot preservation.


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Process Spy Crack+ For PC

* It helps users to view running processes on local computer in a snap and list running processes.
* It monitors if any process is actually running in background.
* Process Spy 2022 Crack can be useful for security and user study. It’s the most easy and easy way to monitor computer processes on any Windows version. You don’t need to log in as an Administrator to use it. You can read all the information in process spy from the main window.
Process Spy Features
* It can run and monitor the processes on your local computer.
* It tracks all running processes and the modules they use.
* It’s able to show you all the processes, window, dialogs, modules, background processes and start up/shut down scripts. You can start it with double clicking or using the ‘Run As Administrator’ option.
* It can list any module(s) in a directory or all the modules loaded to your local computer.
* You can use ‘Application Context Help’ and ‘Help List Help’ button to get the help and quickly guide you how to use it.
* You can assign processes to groups.
* It can run process list from start up or shutdown scripts.
* You can stop any running process by clicking on it and it will end the process immediately.
* You can easily export snapshot of all process information to a text file as a snapshot preservation.
* You can export any process list to a text file.
* You can export any process list to the clipboard.
* You can export all process list to the clipboard and export the current process information to the clipboard.
* You can list all open dialogs.
* You can list all open dialogs and show all available file properties.
* You can run this as an Administrator and it will show you all processes, window, and dialogs owned by a given user.
* You can export process list to the clipboard as a snapshot preservation.
* You can export process list to the clipboard as a snapshot preservation.
* You can export process list to the clipboard and export the current process information to the clipboard.
* You can export process list to the clipboard and export the current process information to the clipboard.
* You can export process list to the clipboard and export the current process information to the clipboard.
* It will remember your set configurations and start from their last position.
* Process Spy Process List Module:
* Show process name.
* Show process identifier.

Process Spy With Key

Start the Process Spy and display all active processes on local computer. After that you can easily check any process detail as follow:

Summarize Process Information

List all modules loaded by the running process

Locate file

Start the process

View file property

View file location and modify file permissions

View all Wndows created by the process

View all windows, popup windows and forms created by the process

Kill the running process

Close the running process

View all icon information about the running process

View all information about running process

Export Process Data to TXT File( all information of active process )

Modify all above mentioned features easily. You can change colors of all icons and process window easily. Process Spy detects all running processes and you can stop and start them easily. You can also get the window and file creation information by Process Spy.

Process Spy License Features:
Your Process Spy is completely free without any limitations. You can download Process Spy without registration. Process Spy also come with easy to use online manual guide that teach you how to use Process Spy with ease. We are offering Process Spy prompt service that give you free support and update at any time.

You can find Process Spy on our website: You can obtain Process Spy with email. Please visit the page of Process Spy at

Process Spy is freeware program. But if you decide to get one time licence to use the full function of Process Spy, you will get it for free. The license is per computer. Download Process Spy for one time licence below. if (!GCC_IS_COMMON(flags))
unsigned int l = objc_getAssociatedObject(self, &associated_object_key)!= 0;
ASSERT_EXECUTE(objc_setAssociatedObject(self, &associated_object_key, l, flags));


void jz_gc_conservative(jz_instance_t* self)
size_t* existing_objects = jz_class_get_address_for(self, (const void**)&self->_objects);

Process Spy Crack + License Key Full For PC [Latest-2022]

Process Spy is an enhanced multithreaded process/window information and management tool. It can display detailed information of currently running processes/windows by a simple GUI, including: process, file, window, icon, detailed registry path, component, function and status. With Process Spy’s information locating capability, users can use it to know the process/window/icon’s locations on a machine. It can also show/hide/disable/enable windows, check the existing processes, kill processes. Process Spy is free to try for 30 days only.
Main Features:
* Show/Hide processes
* Show/Hide windows
* Show/Hide window status
* Kill processes
* Stop processes
* Explore file
* Debug
* Snapshot
* Modules list
* Explore Toolbar
* Extended list view
* Event log
* Command line option
* Modules list
* Process Status (available for windows only)
* Process Winlogon details (available for windows only)
* Process Startup details (available for windows only)
Note: * Process Spy doesn’t actually kill processes. It displays a pop-up window (a message box) with a message «Are you sure you want to kill process {0}?» to be asked by the user before Process Spy kill a process. Please keep this message in your mind.
* Process Spy works on Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 and Me.
* Process Spy has no major limitation of computer system.
* The user can open Process Spy even while it’s in memory (dumping process).
* The user can set the panel size of Process Spy.
* The user can set the panel color of Process Spy.
* Process Spy supports multiple languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, French).
Version 1.0
Version 1.0 are following features and bugs fixed:

What’s New in the?

Process Spy shows information about your computer’s current processes, and automatically generates an Excel spreadsheet with this information. The process detail information includes the name of the process, the executable file name, the process ID, the Company Name and Description, the process’s memory address, the executable file’s version number, the main executable file’s location, the main executable file’s name, the windows information, and lastly, the window’s properties (minimized, unhidden, etc.). It is able to detect processes that are not running on your computer, and helps you determine if the computer is running on a virus.

What is new in this release:

This release added support for Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000.

How do I install or uninstall Process Spy?

This update to Process Spy is plug-and-play. A plug-and-play software update requires no changes to existing files or registries and will not create or change any files on your hard drive.

Click the «check for updates» button on the Start menu to check for new versions of Process Spy. (Note: you may have to restart the program after installing the update.)

Copy the downloaded installer file to your hard drive. Double-click the installer file to start the installation program. Follow the instructions on the screen.

When the installation is complete, run the new version of Process Spy.

Note: The installer produces no files other than those that are necessary to install the update. All other files remain unchanged. If you encounter problems when installing this update, you may manually copy the downloaded file to your hard drive in the same location as the original.

What is new in this release:

This is a bug fix release. Please refer to the release notes below for information about changes made in this release.

* Fixed a critical problem that would cause the application to crash for some users on Windows NT 4.0.

* Fixed several issues related to files that do not have proper «Read» permissions.

* Fixed a problem with settings saved to the application configuration file.

* Fixed a bug that caused problems for users who run Windows 2000 as a Standard User.

* Fixed an error that prevented the application from starting after installing updates.

* Fixed an error that prevented the application from starting if a temporary Internet file for Internet Explorer 5.x had been deleted.

* Fixed an error that prevented the application from starting in certain situations

System Requirements For Process Spy:

OS: Windows 7/8
Processor: Intel® Core i5 (2.6 GHz)
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560
Storage: 12 GB available space
Display: 1366 x 768 (maximum resolution)
Additional Notes: The use of an external sound card may improve audio playback.
Processor: Intel® Core i7 (2.4 GHz)
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA

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