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* Adobe Photoshop Elements (

This free product is designed to introduce anyone interested in digital photography to the world of image editing. The program includes a large library of fully editable and fully resizable graphics for use in PowerPoint, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, InCopy, and many other programs. Like the larger Photoshop, the graphics can be used and manipulated in most any way, including print.

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This post will outline all of the tools that you will find within Photoshop Elements.

Before you start, it’s important to know how the interface works. The left hand panel is the main interface for using Photoshop Elements.

This panel is divided into four sections which are:





Once you click the Crop button on the left hand panel, you will be taken to the next screen.

This is where you can crop your image and remove unwanted areas. For more information on cropping images, see this tutorial.

You can also crop a file directly from Bridge in the next screen.

This is where you can rename and save your image.

You can also find the menu inside the main panel and the panel right on the top. Here are the shortcuts to the panels and tools.


Zoom in/out


Image rotation

View and edit text

Flip horizontal/vertical

Rotate 90/180/270 degrees



Zoom in/out


Image rotation


Flip horizontal/vertical

Rotate 90/180/270 degrees






Image adjustment



I’ll show you each of the tools and actions for different features in this post.

File -> Open

You can find this item in the main panel.

File -> Open is used to open all of the images that have been converted or imported into Photoshop Elements.

Once you’ve opened a file, you can then navigate the tool by clicking on the arrows at the top of the window.

Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur

Once you click the Blur option, you will get a menu of blurred images with different radius sizes.

You can adjust the radius size by moving the slider.

It’s important to note that you cannot undo the changes made with the radius size.

Image -> Resize

You can resize your images by clicking on the resize icon on the right hand side of the main panel.

Alternatively, you can use the zoom in/out option found in the main panel

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