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NameOthercide — Dressed to Kill — Cosmetics Pack
Rating4.12 / 5 ( 6564 votes )
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Our team is made up of three friends that all share a passion for the game development industry. We met each other when we started a game development community and before that we worked at some AAA and indies. We are skilled in the game design, programming and audio of games (both in 4K and at 60fps). We’ve always enjoyed learning new skills to expand our knowledge, and we realized that there was no school or workshop out there focused on game development. That’s why we started Zero Reflex.
We are always looking to expand our skills and improve our knowledge. Besides the game design and programming, we’re also interested in creative direction, level design, balancing, game audio, art, AI and anything else that can give a little more flavor to our games.
Never stop learning!
We hope you enjoy Zero Reflex : Black Eye Edition and we hope you are willing to help us grow with you.Feel free to contact us at the email address below.
Get in touch

Today we have a special Valentine’s Day gift for you! Five indie games, all $1, as well as a $20 GIFT CERTIFICATE to support the ongoing development of yours truly’s game Sincerely… ’81. The games are listed as they appear on the Steam store page, so you’ll find their links below.

The game is still very much WIP, and a lot of content is lacking. The game should be playable in the coming months, and hopefully some day after that, it’ll be finished. How so you ask? Well, I’ve made all the music I need to make, and I have all of the art I need to make too. I’ve only completed roughly a third of the game, but that’s mostly because it’s taken so long to get to that point. I’m aiming for Beta in the early summertime, and it should hopefully be playable then.

Anyway, those of you who actually want to support me on this project have the chance to get a $20 Steam gift card for as little as $1. If you have more than one Steam account, feel free to buy it for another of your users as well!

The game will only be accessible for 24 hours starting at 12pm Pacific time today. While it’s on sale it’s only $1 on Steam!

Right now, the menu is just a list of different missions (you can restart them from


NameOthercide — Dressed to Kill — Cosmetics Pack
Rating4.12 / 5 ( 6564 votes )
Update(3 days ago)


Othercide — Dressed To Kill — Cosmetics Pack Features Key:

  • Bi-Directional control
  • Completely original environment


Othercide — Dressed To Kill — Cosmetics Pack Activation For Windows

Sine Mora: Epic of Myths is an action-RPG starring a young woman in the Ancient Greece and in the mythical Olympus. Customize your hero’s appearance by applying and removing different hair colors, face shapes and accessories. Overcome the challenges in Ancient Greece as you solve many puzzles in order to progress.
Epic of Myths features:
— An original story and characters inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology
— 20 unique hand-painted story-driven environments
— One Endless Adventure; never ending action
— 9 unique, fully voiced heroes each with their own abilities and personality
— 100+ hours of gameplay per character
— A rich and immersive music composition and an awesome gallery filled with tons of stuff for fans of all genres, including an amazing editor where you can customize your own content.
— The first Sine Mora game features many new mechanics including: the cover system, the quest lines and the new ability to level up by collecting the right elements in the environment.
Epic of Myths features:
• The only UI system with a Cover System that gives you complete control over how your hero looks
• The ability to customize everything from sounds and graphics to your hero’s appearance. You can even apply cosmetics like glasses, contact lenses and hats!
• The new Animation Style system that allows you to create the most realistic animations ever seen in a game. It takes true-to-life animation from games like Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and brings it into the 3D world!
• There are hundreds of unique story-driven environments to explore. Each one tells its own story. Each act of the game features a different elemental environment and one of those is selected at the beginning of the game.
• An easy and intuitive cover system that enables you to see your enemies through walls, floors and other surfaces.
• The Action-RPG is perfectly designed for players to discover new abilities and abilities and to level up all characters simultaneously. The unique and customizable skills make for a highly personalized gameplay experience.
• The first Sine Mora game features many new mechanics including the Cover System, the quest lines and the new ability to level up by collecting the right elements in the environment.
• As a result of not having any UI elements, there is no resource bar. You will only be able to level up your heroes if you collect enough of the right elements in the environment.
• The battle system can be described as a free-flow action game where you are constantly moving around


Othercide — Dressed To Kill — Cosmetics Pack Crack Download [Latest] 2022

Game Features:

Developed by a member of the Nintendo community

A game system driven by community feedback

High replay value

Intense racing action with intuitive controls

Random tracks and obstacles create unique gameplay experiences

Inverted controls to disrupt your opponents

Sniper Mode that causes you to see and execute the enemy from a distance before you are seen

Multiple game modes; single player time trial and race, local multiplayer

No-purchase development model to ensure a constant stream of improvements for the game and the community

The first paid mod for a Nintendo game, as we’ve taken the engine and base game and added a few options. One of them being the power ups and a new Game Over system. There are two goals for this game:1. Make a Game Over system that is simple, easy, and fun.2. Make a game mode for time trials and races.

(1.5) Problem Found in Chasing the Sun.


Months ago, I made a post on here letting the community know that I was working on a few mods for Wii Wheel to make it easier to use. With two mods (Snow Pack and Sand Pack) released already. I wanted to let everyone know that the third pack (Sun Pack) is in testing right now. Once it is finished, I’ll be uploading an update for the others to add and resolve the issues that have come up in the last few weeks. As of right now, I have over 80% of the technical requirements for the mod done (with the exception of getting the sun texture to have proper color management).

[January 2015] I’m in the process of finishing up Sun Pack, so I can finally upload it to The Wii Shop Channel and let everyone else know about it. It’s coming soon.

(1.0) Gameplay:

The Concourse is a premium racing game set in a futuristic world driven by competitors using advanced technology to out-maneuver and outrace one another.

I’m proud to announce that Sun Pack is released! The sun mod is still in early development and will be released in phases based on the community’s feedback. In addition to the usual features of the mods (more characters, more vehicles, more tracks), there will also be new powerups and rules that are in development right now.

(1.0) Gameplay Features:

A mouse and keyboard


What’s new in Othercide — Dressed To Kill — Cosmetics Pack:

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