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HACK [FSX][P3D] JESTREAM LFJL — Metz Nancy Lorraine ~UPD~


HACK [FSX][P3D] JESTREAM LFJL — Metz Nancy Lorraine

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The problem is that, on a broader scale, we haven’t been talking this way for decades. We haven’t had these conversations in decades. And that isn’t really healthy. This isn’t a post-modern world. Even though there is much to be said about the complexity of identity, personal development and human nature, we really haven’t needed to go all the way to the end of our thinking in order to think critically about the core issues of philosophy, morality, politics, education, gender, race, culture, spirituality, etc. Good religion can probably be made if the authenticity of the dialog is strong enough.

Philosophy is not a popular thing. It is not easy. It is one of those beliefs that takes a lot of thinking to wrap one’s head around. If you are at all familiar with the study of philosophy, you are likely to be discouraged by all the complexities. Most philosophers don’t call themselves philosophers. They work on approaches and areas of inquiry (actually, thinking about how you think, if you’ll permit a bit of a stretch, is an approach). Philosophy is a study of how people think about things. It’s a study of how we relate to the world. It’s a study of how we understand our selves and our relation to others.

One of the things that we’ve learned over the centuries is that some people are uncomfortable with philosophy. They feel that philosophy is the domain of only the highly educated, the privileged and the wealthy. Philosophy is not meant to be edifying



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