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NameGrid Legion, Storm
Rating4.36 / 5 ( 3365 votes )
Update(12 days ago)



5 Race/Classes
1 Playable Plane
4 Domains/Battles/Recruits
Built to be played on the web in large battles or tiny skirmishes.
A Bestiary/Monsters system built from the ground up for the game.
90+ cards and a variety of different mechanics for each card.
Decks can be built on single or multiple cards and can be altered at any time.
Grid to Grid Combat
Play on multiple «Tiles»
Easy to learn and easy to play
Slow game allows for a great experience with a lot of depth and strategy
Community Game for Players
Play with the community in real time
Free to play
Multiplayer is evolving continuously
Released in 2015
It was conceived and created by:
Gabe Wagner (Gork)
This was done in RPG Maker MV
Overview and Syntax
-The Storm is composed of five races:
-Each race has two archetypes, with the first one corresponding to the character sheet.
-Human Archetype
-Flex Arhetype
-Steel Arhetype
-Braya Arhetype
-Ice Arhetype
-Each «race» has a different base-tech tree, as well as a set of abilities.
-Each tech has a cost and a benefit.
-Some techs have more than one use, as long as you use them. The cost of a tech recovers every turn.
-Each tech reveals the base attributes of a race, as well as their full attributes and skills.
-The cards in the deck have a school (type), a cost and a colour, and contain a useful type in it.
-You can remove the useful type and set it as the character sheet.
-Examples of types:
-Fire/Black/Orc: Fireball
-Water/Ghost/Mage: Summon elemental
-Earth/Black/Warrior: Mechanical unit
-You can change types in the deck with the Archetype Aramex.
-Each Archetype skill has a cost that recovers every turn.
-You can change skills with the Archetype Skill.
-Example of skills:
-Braya Martial


Grid Legion, Storm Features Key:

  • Explore more than 15 drops of loot from more than 10 awesome Arcane and Durandal bosses.
    Obtain legendary Artifacts and Heroic Shards from loot drops.
    New Act, Quest, Enchants and Customization Costumes for the 8 races available.
    New Fantastic Epic Weapons capable of dealing millions of damage and the ultimate pristinity, the Mystic Might.
    New Battle/Deathmatch Maps with diverse landscapes, including the launch of the new Tactic Map that takes full advantage of the new Battle Fractals.
    New Effluence and Fractal Turrets with a host of exceptional magical effects and can be adapted to any faction of the game.


Grid Legion, Storm [32|64bit] (2022)

War is coming to the twenty seventh century.
Combines the fast-paced strategic gameplay of Chess with the fluid combat systems of Videogames.
A board game like no other.
Physics-based movement and combat, and a board system involving live tiles and strong player interaction.
Play anywhere, on the ground, in the air, underwater.
Storm has a deep and simple combat system, it’s non-linear, it encourages and rewards player interaction and experimentation.
Storm puts the player in command on the battlefield.
Play to win, not to survive.
Sid Meier’s Civilization goes to battle.
Choose your tactics, cast spells, build cities, research technologies, take your enemies to the brink of destruction.
With this update, we’re releasing Early Access on Steam and GOG.
It’s our first production release, so things are a bit rough.
Storm is an all-new board game, founded on ideas from our time with Sid Meier’s Civilization.
Grid Legion, Storm Torrent Download, Take your grid based board games to the battle for the first time.
Harness the power of your home computer to play solo, co-op or head to head.
Storm Beta is coming to Early Access.
We are developing an entirely new board game that combines the fast paced tactical design of Chess with the fluid combat systems of Videogames.
We’re building Storm from the ground up for our own game and you are our most important customer.
Through the development process we will be gathering feedback from you.
You are always welcome to help shape the game or suggest additions and adjustments to existing features.
We will listen to your feedback, and we will be actively working on refining and improving Storm.
You can check out our Steam page at
or our GOG page at
What’s New:
Game Client UI Polish.
AI improvement: more tactical in the face of superior units.
Sound tweak.
We couldn’t make a bad game, so we’re making a very bad game.
See you in the battle, Grid Legion.
-The Grid Legion Development Team
Single player campaign.
Grid to grid combat on terrain tiles.
Capturable expansions


Grid Legion, Storm Full Version Free Download

Official Playtest:
Steady stream, barescore and sometimes polls.Draft format.Endless mode.

Storm, Release Version 3.1

Storm, Release Version 3.0

Storm, Release Version 2.4

Storm, Release Version 2.1

Storm, Release Version 2.0

Storm, Release Version 1.2

Storm, Release Version 1.0

Storm, Release Version 0.9

Storm, Release Version 0.8

Storm, Release Version 0.7

Storm, Release Version 0.6

Storm, Release Version 0.5

Storm, Release Version 0.4

Storm, Release Version 0.3

Storm, Release Version 0.2

Storm, Release Version 0.1

Storm, Release Version 0.0

Storm is a card game with a heavy focus on hard to learn but well-explained deep strategy. The game revolves around four players who are each making use of a hand of twenty randomly assigned cards that they do not know their cards. The players each control a collection of at least two tile sets and in the last round they put their tile sets into the play zone. During the last round two players fight to prevent a third player from getting three tiles set on their board.

The «storm» in the game title refers to the number of players who are fighting against each other for control of the board. The aspect of «random» is important when we look at the rules and at the way the players’ hands of cards are built.

The play zone begins in the center of the table and it is possible to build towers of your own tiles anywhere on the board. This is the starting position when the game starts and the number of towers in the play zone might be different during the game.

Each player gets randomly built twenty card hands, those are used to build the tile sets in the play zone. Each tile set in the play zone has a winning condition that can be met in a number of ways, by absorbing an appropriate number of aether tokens, by growing or acquiring gold or by summoning troops. Every player that captures a tile set either in the play zone or when it is conquered by their opponents, will receive a number of aether tokens that corresponds to the number of the tile set.

Players can also summon troops from their hand into play. Every troop summoned into play will be a standing army troop with a


What’s new in Grid Legion, Storm:

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Windows games have been around for a really long time and we have come a long way from the first «text based» games like Zork. These days it doesn’t take very long at all to get access to various windows games. Windows systems and computers are constantly improving in speed and reliability and some companies are just getting better at making the games look better than ever before as well. When it comes to today’s computer games the graphics don’t come anywhere close to a console game but the graph…Read more

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System Requirements For Grid Legion, Storm:

2GB of RAM
NVIDIA GTX 700 series or AMD R7 260X or better
Windows 7/8/10
You are going to need a 3D-capable Display that can output 1080p or 720p
You are going to need a 3D-capable Display that can output 1080p or 720p DirectX Version 11
You are going to need a 3D-capable Display that can output 1080p or 720p DirectX Version 11 Red Dead Redemption 2 is not a cheap game by any means so it’s important to

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