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It’s color blindness test! Come and find your way by following the path!
Take as long as you want to reach the end. You don’t need to score high to complete it!
■ VERSION 6.0!
New terrain types and many improvements!
Different obstacles and unwelcomed items await you.
Don’t get fooled by color of the map and take care of your surroundings!
After finishing the first time, explore all possibilities you will get to unlock the colorblind mode on this adventure!
If you seek challenge, keep going until you want to quit; If you are not sure where to go, discover new unknown paths.
Try the mode again and again to find your way out!
Compete with your friend and beat the time they can find their way out.
Little bit of help is provided to prevent you get stuck in this game.
If you want to experience a simple, easy to play, casual adventure game.
Come for a ride with the colorblind helper!
-You have not played it yet? Go ahead and start now!
-But beware! First time I tried to play the game I couldn’t find my way out even after reaching the end!
-Don’t get stuck! See what other players have experienced. Use the game on the pause menu.
-The map won’t tell you where the exit is, use this tool instead!
-Are you good at color blindness test game? Test your skills now!
-Don’t miss out on the golden opportunity to review it!
-This game is meant to be played by you. Let’s get lost together!
I would like to note that I do not own the rights to this game.
*Game assets in this game created by Ayuran, Meike and Norzter.

Main Website:

-Resume of the event:


Features Key:

  • Solve challenging puzzles with the help of your smart little pet.
  • Help your pet grow and learn!
  • Upgrade to the Deluxe and Mega Pet Packs.
  • Enjoy a rich and interactive storyline.

Package Includes:

  • Full Game
  • 1 Pair of Audio Commentary Tracks
  • 1 Pair of In-Game Tutorial Videos
  • 1 Pouch
  • 1 Owner’s Manual


FUUU…! With License Code Download

FUUU…! Cracked 2022 Latest Version[ˈrɑ.rsˌɑt ] is a casual 2D platform game where you play as the world’s most famous monkey, FUUU. You are a monkey that lives on a tree in the forest. A lively and lovely forest in the middle of the country.
Your task is to help FUUU to climb to the top of the tree.
FUUU…! Activation Code is currently under development and is still under construction, so there is not a lot of content yet. The game is currently being played in its early stages of development, but if you’re a hardcore runner, you’re in the right place!
— Keyboard and Mouse Support
— Highly Responsive, Animate and Fun to play
— Multiplayer Support (local only)
— Play in 3D, 2D, First Person View, Full Screen and even in a world where the sun sets!
— BOSS levels — Survived those levels for me?
— Killer music with 80’s vibe
— Many different themes to choose from
— Endless Runner Challenges — Earn extra coins and unlock more bonuses
— Over 120 colorful, woodblock-like art designs
— Beginner to Pro and Casual to Hardcore levels
Please rate and comment if you like the game 🙂
You can also support me on
Thanks for reading!

After some consideration, I decided to give Wreckfest a try. I bought the game as a physical copy and have not played the base game, only played a handful of online races. The way I play is best summed up as «I’m just having fun». But Wreckfest is kinda fun, yes. Maybe more fun for the extreme driving styles of several racers, or the uncompromising objectives of the Short Course race, but the proof is in the pudding.

This review is going to be a bit biased. Not because I dislike the game, or Wreckfest. It just seems that generally, when reviewing a game from a studio new to the market, there is a lot of people and companies who are a bit disappointed, just by this fact alone. So I am already biased, but I am going to try hard and not let that happen.

Humble Indie Bundle 27:
Just like a few games in this Humble Indie Bundle’s package, I’ve never had any experience with them. But that


FUUU…! With License Code Free Download [Win/Mac] 2022 [New]

published:20 May 2018


Join my discord server to know when we are releasing a new trailer there!

We are a community of thousands of people who enjoy playing games together and we are looking to develop friendships with other communities around the world. We are looking to begin to capture this experience.

published:16 Dec 2017


May the new year be to you and all of us a year full of happiness!
The video was made for this theme:

published:16 Dec 2017


My colorblind girlfriend is a hand model. Check out those super cute hand modeling tips to help you get that perfect job in hand modeling

published:04 Sep 2016


color blindness

Colorblindness, or color vision deficiency (CVD), is a difference in the way an individual sees colors as opposed to the way color-normal or «normal» people see them. It is most commonly thought of as a red-green deficiency, although color blindness can be more or less severe than this, and it can affect people in many different ways.

Every day, nearly 60 people around the world are born with various degrees of red-green color blindness. Color blindness is a common perceptual issue in childhood, often caused by the failure of the four cone cell photoreceptors to create a full-color signal, thus causing the sensation of color blindness. In adulthood, this condition is usually caused by at least one mutation and/or damage in one or more of the three pigment-forming cells in the retina of the eye. Each cell in the retina contains a protein called opsin, and each type of opsin is responsible for detecting a specific part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The rods and cones contain rhodopsin and cone opsin, respectively, which respond to low- and high-frequency light, from roughly violet to red, and are responsible for night vision and color vision. The types of opsins that each cell contains determine the colors that each cell in the retina is sensitive to.


The term «color blindness» has been used in various other ways, including «perce


What’s new in FUUU…!:

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