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NameEscort Commander
Rating4.70 / 5 ( 9231 votes )
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— Inspired by classic arcade style space shooters
— Fast learning curve, but more tactical gameplay
— Brilliant visuals, inspired by golden era of space shooters
— Upgrade your colony with Turrets, Fighters, and other systems to enhance your chances of survival
— Upgrade your ship’s systems (Mass Drivers, Armor, Hull Strength, and Engines)
— Build your escort fleet
— Command your fleet to ensure the survival of the colony
— Upgrade Asteroids in Survival to protect your colony
— Three unique environments, each with its own boss fights
— Play as the Empire or the Colonists
— Uses Steamworks Game Controllers for both Steam and non-Steam Controllers
— No Steamworks Controllers on the market, use the ones from older games for optimal performance!
— Full Controller Support
— Steam Controller Adaptation
— PC controls done in a way that is similar to Steam Controllers
— You can disable Steam Controller Support if you do not like them
— Your game saves between games
— 28 Steam Achievements to complete
— Three Steam Leaderboards!
— More to come!
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— Windows:
— Mac:
— Steam:
— Mediafire:


published: 26 Feb 2017

Asteroids: Throw Rocks at Them (Like Gold) — Free Space, Defense & Strategy Game

A spaceship-based game in which you must create a spaceship, perform a wormhole jump, catch asteroids, fight other spaceships, choose your desired location, and colonize planets….

A spaceship-based game in which you must create a spaceship, perform a wormhole jump, catch asteroids, fight other spaceships, choose your desired location, and colonize planets. You must also be on the lookout for the other colonies, and a viable system for defensive missiles.
You have a choice of over a hundred ships. When you start, you have a basic space ship. To detect what’s around you, and to shoot enemies, you need a good view of your surroundings, and a precise targeting system. You can also build cloaks to bemuse your enemy into leaving a blind spot, and to protect your friends.
Determining where


Escort Commander Features Key:

  • Command Authority and Leadership: With support for several different commands, ranging from simple tasks like picking up items, to commands that have the capacity to split your squad in different directions, the game offers a huge range of possibilities.
  • Customizable Squad: The game has the possibility to use your own squad consisting of customizable friendly NPC squad members. Every squad member has several different statistics that you can customize to your liking.
  • Experienced AI: Every NPC has its own AI tactics that make the game different from other games. This results in several different types of NPC behavior that cannot be found in other games.

Support your Squad with Escort

  • Customization is requiredto play the Escort Commander game. Fortunately it’s fairly easy to create your own squad through the game’s «Create Team» feature, which needs no external files or program. Also, the original Escort Commander game app can be used to directly load a squad into the game.
  • Easy enough for beginners: The various controls are intuitive, so even beginners can go really fast right at first. Almost all options can be changed through the settings, although a few advanced settings are not available at start.
  • Extended Free Trial: The Escort Commander game comes with an extended free trial. Without a further obligation, players can enjoy the full capabilities of the game. The free trial contains the unlocked game content as well as all tutorial missions.


Escort Commander Activation Key Download

Command your escort fleet with strategic and tactical gameplay elements to ensure the colony’s survival!
Play through the campaign to understand the game and master it. Then, play the free survival game on the back end to find your odds of survival.
Pick up and play with ease. You can play without any prior knowledge of the game. If you get stuck you can always pause the game to try and find out how to play the next level.
Leaderboards set with custom settings for each player.
* Single player campaign
* Free survival game
* Easy to pick up, play, and learn
* Free game to keep going
* Steam Leaderboards for you and your friends
* Options to help you play (pause, control sensitivity, volume)
* Music by Bensound
* Sound effects by EDB
* Story by Michael Ash
* Multiple levels of difficulty
* 8 endings
* 128 levels
* Various game difficulty options (Easy, Normal, Hard)
* 5 multi choice weapon upgrades with randomizer each time
* 3 escort systems (Fighters, Turrets, Transport)
* 4 different ship upgrades with randomizer each time
* Additional ability cards, which you can equip on your ship at the start of each mission
* Difficulty increasing objectives in each level
* Escort Commander supports Steam for leaderboards and achievements!
I have goals for the future of the game. There will be a storyline of some kind that progresses each mission. I have the campaign concept worked out, but I need time to implement it.
I have plans for friendly player interaction, as well as an emphasis on strategy. I have more planned for both.
I love to have fun, and I am always tinkering with game ideas. I put a lot of thought into this game, and I hope it is enjoyed by others.
This is my first release. I have enjoyed working on this game, and I hope to continue to explore these topics in my future work. I have more ideas, and I will continue to release my games.
Escort Commander is a space shooter that blends the action of a shooter with the strategy of a tactical game. I have been playing as a strategy buff for a long time, as I enjoy games like Starcraft, and other strategic games.
Strategy games are often characterized by rich backgrounds, advanced technology, tactics, and advanced unit and resource management. Escort Commander is based


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Celebrity Murder: London — Luxury Lifestyle Crime (2005)

Celebrity Murder: London — Luxury Lifestyle Crime (2005)

Celebrity Murder: London — Luxury Lifestyle Crime (2005)

Featuring a candid interview with William Smith. All credit goes to William for being the pioneer of this documentary.


The Last Colony

The Last Colony

The Last Colony

The Last Colony is the story of a handful of settlers who, faced with certain death, ultimately came together as one family. Their mission: to prevent the extinction of mankind.
In an attempt to create a perfect world, a handful of scientists made decisions to alter the human genome. The results were horrifying. The people were broken up into three camps: those that were wholly «human» and genetically pure, those that were half-breed «Flemings» and those that were completely «Homo-Sapien.» For reasons as yet unknown, the third group became the killing machines known as the Ghenn. They killed everyone else for over 200 years and were gone when the survivors reached the new world.
These survivors, who were once broken into «camps» now form the founding families of the human race and are the ancestors to the modern world. From that breeding came the «Bones» groups, like the Dixons.
Many of these families had to scramble in the new world with very little more than they could carry themselves. The Dixons, for instance, were gifted with alien technology and a fleet of spaceships to carry them to the new world.
The survivors were blessed with technology beyond their wildest dreams — and cursed with the sorrow of knowing that they would never see the passing century. There were no shops to go to for technology, no scientists to help them build better weapons, no hospitals to care for the sick. If something broke, it had to be fixed themselves.
In an effort to prevent their extinction, the people of the new world banded together and created a new society. They built up their military power and developed a technological culture to ward off any aggressors.


What’s new in Escort Commander:


Escort Commander VII, (UK: ) was an American-built escort carrier in World War II that was operated by the United States Navy. She was sunk by Japanese forces while en route to the Philippines; all 45 men on board were lost. She was the final ship of the Escort Carriers, Attack and Cruisers (CVE) program; later became an auxiliary aircraft transport (AAT) when re-fitted by the Royal Air Force (RAF) from 1945-1946 and transported aircraft between the Mediterranean Fleet (also known as the British Pacific Fleet) and Mesopotamia (also known as British-controlled Iraq).

Her sinking is among one of the worst air disasters involving American naval aircraft.

Service history

Roy S. Overberg Shipyards built the shipyard’s third ‘C’- model build, which the Navy designated CVE-56. Named for Commodore Charles Eric Overberg, the ship was laid down on 20 November 1942. She was launched and named on 11 November 1943, and commissioned on 27 October at the Bath Iron Works in Maine, with LT Charles A. Baxter III in command. After being outfitted and equipped, she was towed to the Boston Navy Yard where she arrived in the summer of 1944, where she remained until naval repairs were completed in January 1946. She was then towed to New York, where she was decommissioned on 4 October 1946 and laid up in the James River. She was then returned to the US Maritime Commission and stored until July 1947, when the ship was purchased by the Navy as a Fleet aircraft transport (AAT).

Post-war 1950s

The Royal Navy had constructed a number of escort carriers in their venture to aid the United States in the post-war rebuilding of their Navy. These ships were assigned on a rotational basis, by capacity, to assist on the Pacific and European theatres. The RAN was assigned as the escort carrier division and in October 1946 Queen Elizabeth and three sister ships: Arrowhead, Dido and Hecate were established as reserves in Australia, with Queen Elizabeth being assigned to Okinawa-based Carrier Division 47 (CV/CVA).

The ship saw much action during the Korean War in February to August 1952. She was mostly engaged in forward air control duties off the Korean coast. During the Korean War, Queen Elizabeth operated Vought F4U-4 Corsair fighter bombers and acquired a reputation as the most effective and quickest carrier to move off-guard to prevent the communist North Korean


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System Requirements For Escort Commander:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Dual core CPU 2.6GHz or faster
Memory: 4GB RAM (32 bit)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 40GB available space
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