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NameElden Ring
Rating4.87 / 5 ( 3294 votes )
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A Fantasy Action RPG.
The game was developed by ZEXAL (known as “Glogen” in North America, Europe and Oceania), the team behind the acclaimed Darkness and Divinity franchises.

Lands Between is in Development.
Including an Online-Play function.
There are currently no official release dates.
For latest news on development progress, please visit the official website at:


ZEXAL is a developed company founded by former members of Arkadium’s original team, who created and developed the popular game known as “Darkness”, which has sold over two million copies to date.

ZEXAL was first established in July 2010, and since then has expanded its original studios in the United States, Germany, and Hong Kong, which have now become subsidiaries. The company currently operates as a global development center and is developing other titles. The company also actively employs in-house programmers such as artists and planners.

The ZEXAL Game Network (www.ze-xal.com) was established to support games released by the company.


ZEXAL North America, Inc.

[email protected]

More information:

Please note: This game is currently in development. There are no plans to release it for any platform yet. There may be no future updates to the game. We encourage you to remain cautious of content that may be added in the future.

For the latest news, please visit the official website at:

©ATLUS ©SEGA All rights reserved.

A Regional Ver. was released in August 2019 for the Japanese version.

©SEGA, ©ATLUS©SEGA All rights reserved.


SAVE DATA: The game saves data to the cloud, so if you lose or delete the save data, you will lose your progress.


If you are unable to access your save data for any reason, please delete the save data file of Lands Between before registering./*=========================================================================

Program: ParaView
Module: vtkGraphRepresentation.h

Copyright (c) Kitware, Inc.
All rights reserved.


Additional Information

NameElden Ring
Rating4.87 / 5 ( 3294 votes )
Update(4 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Rise — The game revolves around your whole system, from the formation of a new official member of the Elden Ring to the evolution of the world of Elden and the personal story of your character.
  • A Multilayered Story — A multilayered story that is told from the perspective of multiple characters, each with their own view.
  • Dynamic Online Play — A special element is added, an asynchronous online element that allows you to be further involved with other players when you play.

    Main Features

    • Fight powerfully using party tactics in battle! Action RPG game-play style.
    • Huge level 4+ dungeons, where you can explore a new world of challenges. Unlock new areas to progress your journey as you climb the floors.
    • Elden legend tells of the Elemental Bodhisattvas, who reside at each position. It takes a minimum ten years to obtain [ Oath of Degradation ]. They have descended to the present.
    • New species have been discovered among the Elden and the 3rd Rock. The rules of the divine source unlock mystery and mystery.
    • Uncover mystery from the lore of the 3rd Rock as you adventure in the Lands Between. Players can smoothly create their own game rules to create a story of their own!

    Other Features

    • The purity of the Elden ring is a line that links your decisions. You are charged with maintaining the order in the three worlds. Achievements are tallied, and as your experience increases, your rank will rise.
    • A variety of items and armor that will let you grind and become stronger than the average.
    • Offline screenless game with no tutorials. Fully playable from the very beginning.
    • Warrior, priest, monk, mage, commando, attendant, etc. are the classes of the game. Each has a different combat style. Combining a variety of weapons will grant a diverse range of skills.
    • Discover the variety of party tactics and dungeons through different classes and levels.
    • A variety of Equipment and Weapons are also provided. The RPG players can use them to increase in strength


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      “The game’s aesthetics are quite the rarity in a modern PC game. It’s like taking an 8-bit console game and putting it on a CD. If you liked the 8-bit experience and think you’ll enjoy the game, then you’ll love this release.”

      – Destructoid, review of The Tarnished Prince

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      This game contains in-game purchases using real money through the Google Play Store.

      We are a game development team located in Vienna, Austria.

      We are in no way affiliated or endorsed by the Internet Archive, Inc., Bethesda Softworks, the Elder Scrolls series or the National Museum of Play.

      The contents of this game are entirely the property of their respective owners.



      All contents of the game are property of the developers, except for the basic premise, story and characters which are property of their respective owners.

      The Elder Scrolls Online Team

      HOW TO PLAY:

      The Elder Scrolls Online is a free to play game, but players can purchase in-game content with real money.


      What’s new:


      • Explore a vast world full of excitement.
      • Create your own character and experience the story of THE ELDEN RING.
      • Five classes to choose from.
      • Many playable classes.

      Development Team

      • Director: Katsuhito Hattori
      • Project Manager/Scenario Leader: Yuki Naito
      • Game Design: Masaki Norimura
      • Character Design: Manami Shimizu
      • Art and Art Direction: Noburu Kitamura, Team Kodaka
      • Characters: Kotoko Ashikawa, Ryuta and others
      • Animation: Team Maple and KKLN Studio Co., Ltd.
      • Sound: SoundStage Production, Inc.
      • English: Max Mackie, an English voice actor who played the 1st DLC from Paprika Higa.
        Voice director/Japan: Masami Nonaka, a Japanese voice actor and voice production director.

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