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Human beings are, in fact, sexual animals, and it is only natural that we would seek out sex with others. This has always been the case. Dating app culture is just making it easier for us to do. According to Pew, casual sex «has become more common in 20th-century societies, as divorce, second marriages and other events have encouraged people to seek new relationships.»
In 1984, a paper published by The American Sociological Review outlined the specific issues surrounding casual sex. While the study does not provide a definitive answer on whether casual sex is inherently negative, it does indicate the additional parameters casual sex involves, from sexual taboos to the psychological and medical effects of casual sex. Most importantly, the study shows that casual sex and the characters who partake in it hold enormous power in society. «Sexual situations can be used as weapons as well as helping people to expand their personal and social identities.»
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Regardless of the double meaning, one of the things that makes casual sex pernicious is that there is often less support for people who want to have it. If you’re into casual sex, you may be bombarded with messages from people telling you to just not take it so seriously. You can allow yourself to be driven by your desires and not have to care what anyone thinks. But that’s not to say that everyone experiences sex or pleasure that way.
Many people, from celebrities to people online, have either tried or openly discourage people from casual sex. For others, casual sex is dangerous.
The Casual Exchange
By definition, casual sex means not getting emotionally attached. In this way, casual sex is a fairly safe bet for some people. But if you’re just looking for physical release, you might not be prepared for what your casual hookup looks like post-ceremony.
This is a problem for a lot of people, though. An article in the Good Men Project explains that many people over think their sexual partners. And when it comes to things like foreplay, «sexual compatibility, and actual sex, there’s often very little forethought or foreplay.»
While most people assume that casual sex is only a matter of waiting until the condom is on the way, the truth is that you might have sex with someone even without it. This is especially true on apps like Grindr and Tinder, where guys have to swipe right, move down, or listen to a song to indicate their interest.
So even if your casual hookup doesn’t use a condom
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How to know if casual sex is actually bad for you

Have you ever had sex without getting to know the person you just hooked up with? This is what some guys do, and this is the main reason why many people consider casual sex something akin to committing suicide. And that’s why we need this article. We’ve researched all the good reasons to not go for a casual hookup, but we know that you’d still rather be convinced of your reasons not to, than have the experience. So we’ve collected all the reasons why you should not go for a casual hookup right here, from cheating issues to safety concerns. Besides, the good news is that you don’t have to worry about whether casual sex is actually bad for you.
Is casual sex really bad for you?
The first thing you should realize is that there is no way to find out whether casual sex is bad for you unless you try it. Sounds crazy? Well, it’s true. Most people lie to themselves about casual sex, because they want to avoid the thoughts associated with the word «casual.» As Thomas DeAngelis said in his book Hooking Up, most adults want to avoid sex that feels like a mistake. So we aren’t just being objective here; we are helping people by providing the knowledge they need to have happy, sober hookups.
Do not force sex. You are lucky to have a partner who wants to have sex with you. If you’re good friends, you may be tempted to try sleeping together, but don’t do it if he doesn’t want to. Have fun with your friendship, not with his.
Do not sleep with your first partner. Being in the moment might mean giving into the temptation of a quick and dirty romp with someone you’ve known for a while. If you’ve learned something good about yourself in the process and there’s hope of a more serious relationship in the future, then you should keep things in the moment. But if you’re just looking for an easy way to get laid, sleep with someone who won’t steal your phone numbers and treat you like a girlfriend.
Make sure it’s a one-time thing. If you want to sleep with someone, go on a date first. This is because when you are not involved in a romantic relationship, the likelihood of cheating are less common. But if you go home and have sex with someone you hardly know, it’s a riskier move. A sober hookup is less likely to cause you issues in the future.

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