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The purpose is to provide a simple tool to fully recover this file. It can also recover data from the card if any of the following happened: card formatted wrong accidentally. After the recovery process is done, you can use the new file to recover your files or applications.

How to Repair Corrupt.exe File.
You’ll probably hear lots of different things when it comes to the Corrupt.exe error. Some say it’s a virus, while others blame it on spyware, malware, or corrupt software. You may even hear it’s a feature of Windows, or a part of a program.
If you think you know what’s going on, you probably can fix the Corrupt.exe error on your own, but you might get frustrated along the way.
That’s why we want to tell you a little bit about the Corrupt.exe error, how it can make a mess out of your PC, and how you can fix it, so you can concentrate on running your PC again.
First things first: What is a Corrupt.exe error and how it can harm your PC.
If you hear «Corrupt.exe error» or have a «Corrupt.exe error» pop-up on your screen, you can probably fix it yourself, but you’ll waste a lot of time and energy to do so.
Not only does this error pop-up in your computer’s browser, but it also appears in your computer’s system tray (the little window that appears on the upper right side of your screen) and on the desktop. It is especially annoying because it does not just affect your web browser and does not only pop-up on your desktop but also when you open programs or documents.
So, what does a Corrupt.exe error do?
First and foremost, it’s a warning that your computer is about to crash.
Every time you run a program or access a website, there are files that are read from and written to the computer’s hard drive.
If you force a program to run or access an online resource, you’re essentially copying or downloading the file directly to your hard drive.
(Don’t let anyone tell you differently: Copying, browsing and accessing files does not actually run a program; it merely copies the files to your hard drive where they can be read or used. The program which actually does the work is already running.)
When you try to do this, your computer is actually working, but it is simply copying files

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