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— Make ghosts appear by touching them!
— Complete daily quests to raise your ghost meter!
— Earn more than 30 in-game items!
— Collect special drops with ghost dimension!

*Not all ghosts look the same. Some ghosts have special items and abilities!

In addition to ghosts, the Ghost Dimension brings the Ensemble Party System.
You can join together with other players to form a party, and create your own teams.

*Join the Ghost Dimension!
— Download the game via Google Play or the App Store!
— See details at

Join the Ghost Dimension and discover a new world of VRMMOs!

• Aiming system is smooth! Move VR controllers by moving the phone!
• Join together with other players to form a party!
• Explore dungeons with real-time party members!
• Cross dimensions and fight monsters in a new world.

Some of items you might find in the Ghost Dimension:
— Mysterious Coins
— Summon Staff
— Golden Chest

Thank you for playing our game!

We hope you enjoy it!
If you have any questions, problems, or feedback, please contact us via the following:

This is an amazing game! The graphics are amazing and the game play is exciting, using a touch screen to make ghosts and move objects feels like magic. The unlimited ghost hunting feels amazing. After using this game for a few hours I started getting motion sickness so I had to stop playing for the day and didn’t play again until several hours later.

I think I am done playing this game but I hope to see it at a better price so I can take a few more hours in the end!

As a new user to the world of MH, I was surprised. The story is nice, it has an appealing map and it’s not a difficult game. It has nice graphics, seems a bit like a top-down game. Even if it were a separate game on its own, it’s probably already great. I think this game is perfect for the curious people.(CBS) As far as the Chicago Bears go, the biggest question mark is at the most coveted position on the field: quarterback.

There is competition, but the thrust of the competition is who is going to backup Jay Cutler, not who will start or who will be the No. 2 quarterback.

Coach L


Features Key:

  • New levels
  • Unique environments
  • Reinvigoration of tracks
  • A new package for bosses and markers
  • 3 different levels of difficulty
  • A puzzle game mechanic
  • A customizable input device
  • Controls

    Controls are pretty simple! Use the usual actions to move and jump:

    • Arrow Keys to move,

    • Spacebar to jump

    • W to shoot fireballs


    The enemies in this game are enhanced versions of certain of the enemies from the previous game. They now combine correctly with the environment and give various situations. This game goes good, but certain enemies are slightly overpowered.


    The bosses in this game are more powerful than in the previous game and come in 3 different packages.


    This game has 3 different levels (adventures) and each level has its own environment. Beware that having the right suit of trackering gear can save you. Needless to say the levels can be very challenging.


    Levels are full of trackering and magnetic problems. In order to solve the problems, a certain amount of Trackering and Black Gold must be used. This is done with the Trackering equipment (golden spike, hammer, magnetite, rivets, steel plates, aluminum plates and jewels).


    Wizards can acquire gems that can be used for a variety of purposes. The most common is that they can be placed into trackering problems that increase the chance of solving. Gems can also be used to create ways for men to move out of sticky situations. Gems are also used for offensive purposes: They can shoot fireballs, cause teleportation or temporarily get rid of a poison. There are lots of different gems! 

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    Influent is a game about a small city in northern Sweden and a group of people who work in the city and live there. One day, the world stops, and the inhabitants of the small city have to survive in the wild for a few days. They have to hunt and learn to live like this in order to survive in the hostile world outside. A game about survival, perseverance, and survival tactics for the creatures of the forest.Game play:
    Influent is a game that contains several different ways of playing with the characters, which might not be for everyone. The game is about survival and, therefore, the focus is on player survival. At the start of the game, players start out with a basic food stockpile and a set of 10 survival cards. The rest of the game is up to the players. In many situations, the players are presented with options or cards they can use on the board in order to survive. Each player gets a special set of cards each round. One of the players starts the round, and then each player has a choice at each decision point (this is not a real choice, just that no player can win if they choose wrong). In some rounds, there is only one choice, and then the player who didn’t get it loses. The individual decision points where the cards are used are called Focus Points or…Focus Points. Depending on what the players choose at the Focus Points, they might become stronger, weaker or even become wild cards which can be chosen as cards at any time. The game ends once all the focus points are exhausted.Gameplay cards:
    When the game starts, players get ten cards with which to survive. Over the course of the game, players can collect new cards from these while using the cards on the board at the focus points. Cards come in different types. Depending on which cards they get, the cards might get stronger or weaker.A set of rules for the players (original and English):
    Swedish Game Mastery Svänga luft («Kapa ett nytt skor») — This is the official rule set for Influent (in Swedish).NOTE: The rules are translated to English by the translator and then edited by the game mastery team.English Game Mastery A How to Survive! («A set of rules for the players (original and English)»)* If you want to keep the original, the best way to do it is by importing the rules directly. This is how the rules were done in the first


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    1) Left Click to Move
    2) Right Click to Jump
    — In the game, you can discover, hunt, eat other dinosaurs, and either live or die. Every Dinosaur has a life bar and you must eat them before they get hit by your sword and blow up. You must eat them and blow up on all 4 sides, or they will knock you down. If you are knocked down, their life will go up and you will loose a life. You can watch other dinosaurs eat you.
    Main character: You are a tribal leader, your tribe hunts dinosaurs to eat them.
    Explore the prehistoric world: You must explore the prehistoric world, find the dino that must be eaten to advance, and fight other tribes.
    Dinos: You must fight other dinos. You will also have to fight other tribes as well.
    You can be in one of three tribes, the Neanderthals, the Cro-Magnons or the Cetaceans. All tribes have special abilities that will help you survive better and you can switch between tribes. The Neanderthals are the most primitive, they can use spears and bows and arrows and have special eating abilities. The Cro-Magnons are the next in evolutionary order, they use weapons and have special powers that enable them to hurt other tribes, but can be killed and blown up. The Cetaceans are the smartest tribe, they can use ropes and fire and they can eat other tribes.
    So, start playing Humans today. Humans 1, The Jurassic levels, and Lost in Time are included in this package.
    More games by Game Artisans!Indian defence minister said he has every reason to believe that US military bases in India will remain a long time, and hoped that any mutual distrust of each other will be overcome.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Thursday that the US and India hold important strategic interests in each other’s countries, Sputnik reported.

    “I don’t see any reason to distrust each other. All good things take time but I see enough mutual interests that I have every reason to believe that our military bases in India will remain a long time,” Parrikar said.

    The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has ruled India since the 1990s and have been in the center-left coalition called the National Democratic Alliance, which


    What’s new:

    Alone in the Dark is a survival horror video game series created by Cryo Interactive. The series is set in dark indoor scenarios, where player characters must survive against a wide range of enemies. The player character is powered by a flashlight. In the first installment, the Flashlight BOOSTER (formerly known as FLASHLIGHT) is dropped inside the world where the player must use all the tools at his disposal to keep himself alive. This game spawned a sequel series, Alone in the Dark 2, featuring the game’s protagonist Thomas Grant. A third installment, Alone in the Dark 3: The New Nightmare, was released in 2008, also under the name Alone in the Dark. Another installment, Alone in the Dark 5: The Nobleman’s Daughter, was released in 2011. With the exception of Alone in the Dark 5, all of the games are developed by Cryo Interactive and published by Deep Silver.

    The series takes place in a starkly realistic environment devoid of furniture, food, or water. There is also a consistent tone of darkness, as the flashlight used by the player is not a source of normal light; instead, the player character’s flashlight is a source of red light. The flashlight casts a narrow beam of light which the player can direct his/her view by aiming the illuminated corner forward. It also provides limited light in the darkest parts of the game map. The player character is at the center of the health & gameplay system and all decisions or actions must be performed in the best interest of preservation of life; however, the player character can die at any point, even if not trapped under water, unless the player loads a «save» file before dying.

    The flashlight is the only source of light in the dark environments of the game, rendering all other sources of light as secondary, including the cell phone, torch, and lantern.

    Each of the games utilizes a character-actor (or cast) of recurring characters who are monologues of a, in most cases, psychopathic murderer (the Nobleman’s daughter’s father), serial killer (the Nobleman’s daughter’s mother), and supporting characters. Each character has their own unique behavior and attacks to protect themselves and the player character, which could include: kick, punch, knife or gun attack. The main character can be referred to as the «Player», «Player Character», or «PC», along with several supporting characters.

    The Nobleman’s daughter
    The Nobleman’s daughter (The


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    The Last Wind Monk is a story-driven, open-ended adventure/role-playing game about a young dragon shaman named Tanjur who sets off to find her parents, who have gone missing during the war that destroyed her homeland. She embarks on a quest to find her family. This is not a traditional RPG, but rather a unique hybrid of adventure game and role playing experience.

    Coffee Money Management System


    What is a coffee level?

    Coffee beans are my primary source of income. When I first began selling coffee, I didn’t have a good system. I used a manual counting system, and I kept a coffee level on my pad of paper. I’d write a number on my pad of paper and drop it into my coffeemaker. Since there were a whole lot of plants, it took a lot of time and patience to make sure I didn’t underpay for my beans. When I first started, my workers would only make a single cup of coffee, so I had to be alert to the best time to harvest a particular plant. I’d check my coffee level and note the approximate time and I’d come back later and plant.

    Coffee beans are not sold individually. I buy in large bulk bags. On average, each bag will contain about 300 beans.

    Bulk bags are 4 feet high and 2 feet deep. Each bag weighs about 100 pounds.

    My average product weight is 12.5 pounds.

    With prices at about $12-14 per pound, my profit margin is in the 25%-28% range. This means that my profit on $100 worth of beans is $25-$28.

    Each coffee machine costs about $100, so my machine has a $300 monthly operating cost.

    I don’t have a rolling stock company. I’d make the same coffee delivery using the same truck.

    Because of the high operating cost, I’m not likely to switch suppliers. Each company would charge me the same delivery fee and they’d use the same coffee routes.


    In order to turn my profits into actual cash, I need to be able to track my coffee shipments and account for their delivery. That’s where OnlineCoffeeSender comes in.

    By using an online delivery service, I can find out when each bag of beans is shipped, when each bag arrives at the store and when my delivery is done. I


    How To Crack:

  • You must have Java installed on your machine. This can be downloaded from
  • Download the game from this link
  • Open up child vs clowns (Game) using WinRar or 7zip. Go to the data folder (There are pics and music in it). Open up the folder called «Clowns».
  • Open up the folder called «CLOWNS».
  • Now extract the «ras.bat» file in the «Clowns» folder (Do not extract the DATA folder). Then «ras.bat» will be in the same folder.
  • Now go to the folder where the game is (Like C:\Program Files\Child). Open up the folder called «Datapacks» & go to the folder called «Child vs Clowns».
    Now create a subfolder called «CLOWNS\CLOWNs\ACTIONS».
    Now copy the extracted ras.bat file from the Clowns folder to the Child vs Clowns folder where the ras.bat file is.

    And CHANGE the COMBO.EXE in this same folder to ras.bat.
  • Install & Crack Child vs Clowns

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