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how to save click event in android

I am not getting a good solution to save the click event(System.out.println) in an Android application.
I want to keep a track on the user’s input. I mean after clicking two times on ImageView the program should have the output to show that you have clicked two times.
I am new to programming android. Please help. Thanks.


Try this one..
In the onClick() method of the imageView
you can save the state and do whatever you want.
in onCreate() after setting the clickListener you can ask the
if last was called..


Is it possible to remove some subdirectories in a directory and subdirectories on a large scale?

I am working on a project and everything is going fine until I reached this point. I have a folder with about a 10,000 sub-folders that contains thousands of images.
If I only delete the images inside of the root directory and sub-folders, it would work fine. But I want to remove all of them.
I could copy the images and sub-folders to a different place and delete them from my project, but this method is too inefficient. And there are also too many images for me to copy them all to a different place.
Is there any way to remove all the images at once?


First, cp /path/to/file /destination /path/to/file to copy a file.
Then you can use the find command to find all those images:
find /src/folder -iname ‘*.png’ -type d

This will find all images inside /src/folder and then subfolder.
To keep them in their place instead of overwriting them, use


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